Seeking after the Knowledge of God

As you will see in the Scripture verses I will list in this article, God the Father places an extremely high value on the pursuit of knowledge – especially spiritual knowledge. He says that gaining knowledge is greater than all the silver, gold and material things of this world.

The Bible tells us we have to grow in the knowledge of God. Once you get saved – that is just the beginning. From there, God expects you to grow in the knowledge of Him, His Son Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and all of Their ways. As I mentioned in the article I did titled “The Power of the Word of God” – the number one way that you grow in spiritual knowledge on this earth is by reading and studying the Bible for yourself. There is no other way.

God has arranged to have all of the spiritual knowledge that we will ever need about Him, His Son and His Spirit to all be contained in this one Book. You also grow in the knowledge of God through your own personal adventures that you have with Him in your own daily walk, along with learning from other Christians – especially those who are anointed and gifted to teach from His Word.

Once again, God uses some very intense language in these verses. You can really tell that He is trying to let all of us know the extreme importance of growing in this knowledge. The reason for this is that God’s ultimate aim for us is our sanctification and transformation. He wants us to become more holy like Himself.

However, before God will allow this sanctification process to really kick into full gear through the Holy Spirit – He wants you to fully understand exactly what He is doing and why He is doing it. In other words – you have to have the knowledge as to what God is doing and exactly why He is doing it.

Even small children will pick up on this principle very quickly. Tell a child that he is not to do something – and what is the first thing he will do? He will ask you why he can’t do that particular thing. And then if the child is old enough to understand what that reason is – you then proceed to tell him why it is not in his best interest to do that particular thing. In other words – you are giving your child the knowledge that he needs to have so he knows why he should or should not do something specific.

It’s the exact same way with God the Father. God loves to transmit knowledge to His children across the board on anything that they may need His knowledge on in this life – but what prevents many of His children from receiving this knowledge directly from Him is that they have never been taught how to hear from Him when He does start to try and communicate with them or they do not press in and enter into a seeking mode with Him to get Him to release this knowledge to them.

If there is one major secret I have learned from the Lord on getting Him to release more of His knowledge to you – is that you have to go into a seeking mode with Him. God will not spoon-feed you forever. The Bible says to ask – and then you will receive. Seek – and then you will find. Knock – and then the door will open be open to you. Notice in all three of those conditions that you have to be the one to initiate it. You have to be the one to ask, to seek and to knock. If you do – then God will answer you, open doors for you and let you find the answers to your questions and problems.

King David tells us that we have to meditate on the word of God. To meditate does not mean to blank your mind out waiting for God to talk to you. Meditate means to think about, to chew on, to try and figure out what specific Scripture verses mean and how they specifically apply to your life.

What I have personally found out is that the Holy Spirit will literally guide your thoughts into the revelation that you are seeking after as you are trying to figure out what the answers are. In other words – you will find the knowledge you are needing as you are seeking after it. The Holy Spirit can either guide your thoughts into what the correct answers are by you just using some of your brain power to try and figure things out or He will guide you as to where those answers are located at.

You can literally learn how to “pull” knowledge directly from God by going into these seeking modes with Him! As you will see in some of the Scripture verses I will list below – it is the job of the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us things in this life. In other words – the Holy Spirit is our personal guide and personal teacher in this life. The Holy Spirit can and will communicate to you if you are open to receiving this kind of supernatural communication from Him.

I will be doing a much more in-depth article in the near future on the wide variety of ways that the Holy Spirit will communicate to you – especially in the area of receiving knowledge from Him. But for this article – I just want to give you the main foundational verses from the Bible to let you know that God does want to transmit His knowledge to you across the board on anything that you will need His knowledge on in this life. Not only can God give you all the spiritual knowledge that you will seek after – but He can also give you His knowledge across the board on anything else that you may need His knowledge on in this life.

God can give you His knowledge on how to become better parents for your children, better spouses for your mates, better at whatever specific job or jobs He will be calling you to do. If God is calling you to be a policeman, an attorney, a doctor, a nurse, a stay at home mom, an architect, a laborer, a sports star – He can give you His knowledge in each of those specific areas so as to make you better at each of those jobs. There is absolutely nothing that God cannot give you His knowledge on if you are open to receiving it and are not afraid to start seeking and pressing in after it!

Many, many Christians are missing out on this part in their walk with the Lord. God will supernaturally communicate His knowledge to you – but you first have to realize that He does want to communicate His knowledge to you and then you have to learn how to pick it up and properly read it when He does start to communicate to you. Again – I will go into much more detail on how to really hear from God in another article – but in this article, I want to show to you by the Scripture verses I will list below, that God really does want to impart and transmit knowledge to you.

As you will see in the way that I will present the appropriate Scripture verses on this subject to you – we are dealing with an incredible profound reality – in that God Almighty Himself – a Being with perfect knowledge on all things – is willing to communicate and transmit His knowledge to us through the Holy Spirit – who is literally living on the inside of us! Think about this – that you have the knowledge of God already residing on the inside of you in the Holy Spirit who is already living on the inside of you!

The Scripture verses I will list below will show you the extreme importance that God is placing on each and everyone of us in that we seek to obtain this kind of knowledge from Him. In some of these verses, God is making some very powerful and profound statements. He says:

That we are to GROW in the grace and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That His people are literally destroyed and will go into captivity for lack of knowledge.

That gaining His knowledge and wisdom will help you walk safely in this life, help preserve you and help keep you on the right path that He has set up for you to follow in this life.

That gaining knowledge, wisdom and understanding is better than all of the gold, silver and rubies of this world and that it does not even begin to compare to anything else that you may desire in this life! In other words, gaining the knowledge of God in this life is bigger and better than any materialistic thing that you could ever buy, want or desire in this life!

To think that God Himself is making this kind of statement in that acquiring knowledge is more important than anything else that we can acquire in this life is as big and powerful of a statement that He can make about what is really most important in this life!

Notice in the first bullet point above that we are to grow in the knowledge of God. I believe that the main reason God is telling us that gaining knowledge is more important than anything else we can seek after in this life is because we cannot grow in God unless we obtain His knowledge and then seek to implement these truths into our lives and walk with Him.

After you get saved – God then expects you to start to spiritually grow and mature in your walk with Him. You cannot become more holy, more transformed and more sanctified unless you are spiritually growing. And you cannot start to spiritually grow unless you are first seeking after the knowledge that will cause this spiritual growth to occur in the first place!

If you really study the people who are most alive in this life – it is the seekers – it is the people who are constantly learning, constantly trying to improve their knowledge base on whatever it is they are seeking after. It is the knowledge seekers that are making the great discoveries that are changing the course of human history with the discoveries that they have made. And they could not have made those discoveries without first seeking after the knowledge that would eventually lead them to those specific discoveries.

As you will see in some of the profound Scripture verses I will list below – God will make you seek and search after knowledge – much in the same way treasure hunters will search for buried treasure. Talk to any true knowledge seeker – and they will tell you that most of their joy comes from the journey of trying to find the knowledge that they are seeking after. Once the discovery has been made and they have found everything that they may need on a particular subject – then it is off to the next great adventure.

Nothing will stimulate your mind and emotions and make you feel more alive than seeking after the knowledge on something that you may really be interested in and be very passionate about. However, many in our country have become “brain dead” and mentally lazy as a result of becoming couch potatoes by watching too much TV. God has incredible knowledge adventures set up for each and everyone of us if we are willing to get up out of our ruts, step out of our safe boats and start seeking after the things that He wants us seeking after.

Before I go into the Scripture verses on all of this – I will leave you with one last thought.

The knowledge of God is like a treasure chest that has no bottom to it! There is no limit to the amount of knowledge that God can release to you if you are willing to dive into that treasure chest and start seeking after it. Think about this long and hard – that the one and only all powerful and all knowing God of the entire universe is willing and able to transmit His knowledge to you on whatever it is you are wanting His knowledge and wisdom on.

Every single Christian has this incredible treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom literally residing on the inside of them in the person of the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is only too anxious and just waiting for you to tap into Him to get this knowledge to start to be released to you!

This incredible knowledge adventure is waiting for each and every Christian who is willing to get off the couch and start using the brain power that the Lord has given to each and everyone of us to start to seek after this kind of knowledge.

Source by Mike Bradley