Spiritual Awakening – How to Know When You Reach "Critical Mass" in Your Awakening Process

It seems many people these days hang on the words of channelers as if they were somehow more valid than those spoken by regular (non-channeling) humans. The funny thing is, although fans of otherworldly entities may regard themselves as more spiritually mature and “awakened” than the rest of us, they seem to have less confidence in their own inner connection and wisdom than in the channeled material to which they often cling. Yet, returning to one’s personal power (one’s higher self) and discerning all information (including that which is channeled) is an absolute requirement for navigating through the spiritual awakening process (and 2012) successfully.

While I concur that reading or listening to channeled material may initially help us become aware of another point of view and realm, at some point we will need to “get off our behinds” so to speak and begin the reconnecting (the awakening) process fully. The channeling entities themselves are reminding us to use our inner discernment–meaning the power of your higher self. Once we do this, I surmise that we will begin to surpass the spiritual understanding of the “ascended ones” because of the fact that we are here intimately experiencing what they can only witness from another realm.

The truth is, we have forgotten (albeit purposefully) that many of the biggest masters of all time are here on this planet currently incarnate (though my guess is that they’re not aware of who they are quite yet). The people presently afoot on the Earth were chosen (and themselves chose) to be here at this time to fulfill the divine plan that will enlighten (and delight) themselves, their loved ones, as well as the rest of the universe. In fact, it’s well known throughout the universe that present-day humans were commissioned for this extremely important and sensitive assignment because they happened to be the most capable for it.

Seriously, learning to trust and live from your higher self is the whole point of the 2012 phenomena. It’s the path to your higher life purpose and humanity’s ascension. It’s the way to the “Great Shift” in consciousness and to the “Golden Age.” The higher self is also the only place from where to experience the full meaning of the recently popular but elusive term “Oneness.”

You can fulfill your higher life purpose (your individual role in the larger divine plan) by reconnecting to your higher self. Reconnecting consists of:

1. Learning to distinguish your inner guidance from other sources, including mental conditioning and others’ expectations (your higher-level consciousness from your human-level consciousness) and

2. Learning to trust that connection enough to promptly and consistently follow through on your inner guidance.

Your higher self knows the bigger picture and your contribution to the Golden Age. Your higher self is your access point to the deepest level understanding of everything from your life story to how things work in the universe. Discern everything from that higher level.

Channeled information comes from another realm – the realm of the higher self. This makes the higher self a much better “decoder” of channeled information than the human mind (sometimes referred to as the “ego”).

We have been repeatedly advised to discern channeled messages by the channelers themselves. While it’s important to be open to new information and to expand your awareness, don’t be afraid to set aside what doesn’t ring true for you. It’s good to be open, to be informed, but let your higher self have the last word. By the way, when the relationship with your higher self becomes at least as real to you as any of your other relationships, this is when you have reached “critical mass” in the spiritual awakening process. (Critical mass is also the point when the universe begins to support you like never before because it has a vested interest in helping you fulfill your life purpose.) If you’re not quite there yet, it’s time to do some reconnecting.

There are many examples of channelers who have been mistaken in their messages and predictions. As more and more channelers contradict themselves and each other, know that there is a reason for this–to help you look within for your own answers! It is time to finally take your power back and stop looking to others to tell you what to do.

Contrary to popular opinion, this planet is playing the lead role in the spiritual evolution of the entire universe. We are using duality (also known as “learning through contrast” or “the hard way”) as the means to do this. We are not peons; we are the masters of the universe having temporarily accepted “lower consciousness” to be of service to ourselves as well as the entire universe. For this alone we can feel good about ourselves. We are more powerful beyond what we currently know. As Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

This is why the whole universe is interested in what is going on here. It’s time we finally awakened to it and began to “prepare for 2012” fully.

Source by Christine Hoeflich