Spiritual Awakening – The Search For True Spirituality, Self Awareness and Self Discovery

Spirituality can sometimes be misunderstood. For some people, they only have a perception of spirituality rather than the awareness about it. This usually happens when a person wants to escape the stress of everyday life or is not contented with the life that they have. If you are on the quest for the search for true spirituality, you do not have to go very far. True spirituality is concealed within all of us.

At the time of conception, you are separated from your origin with the Divine. The process of you trying to find yourself, is you looking your separated relationship with the Divine. Self-awareness and self-discovery is not going to be given to you just like that. You have to work for it because it is based on your own experiences with the Divine.

Often we seek out religion to help us reconnect with the Divine. And yet you may have noticed that there are so many conflicts and misunderstandings regarding the different religions and their doctrines and beliefs on how one should live their life, how to love, how to practice spirituality. The misunderstandings that arise from these different beliefs are actually caused by humans because basically, all religions have the same message: love. We are created out of love.

When we truly connect and understand universal God love and our connection with this love we are no longer separated from the Divine. Here’s an interesting concept; some of us are not aware of the meaning of our own existence such as; “We are nothing in relation to the universe, and yet, we are everything.” We have a notion that we are very spiritual if we attend to the needs of others. We keep worrying about other people when in fact we have to attend to ourselves first. We have to know ourselves first before we give service to others.

Through understanding ourself, understanding love, universal love, we discover and honor ourself and connect with the Divine and then we manifest our purpose and the abundance that is our birth right.

Source by Penny Weaver