Spiritual Books

Spiritualism is the study of experiences of our ancestors. They have made religions for the benefits of coming generations. The religion gives the directions to take actions in communities which are values of spiritualism. For example, the Hindu’s burn the corpse while the Christian’s bury it.

Different communities in the world have made their spiritual books which are for useful for their existence. The following religions have the books: Hindu’s, Bhagwat Gita; Muslim’s, Kuran; Punjabi’s, Gurugranth Sahib; and Marathi’s, Gyaneshwayri.

Study of these books reveals the experiences of saints which are useful for benediction of the human race. Different religions have their set of books. One can easily find the masters of these books and study in their guidance. These masters want to transfer the knowledge to the coming generations.

Current world has number of problems: crime, corruption, dowry, and racism. All these problems may not exist if we study the books. The books instruct us for daily activities and guide us to take decisions that benefits everyone in communities. We can say the books groom the society to work in an organized manner which is current need.

The books can be taught in schools and colleges as a part of the syllabus.

India has ancient tradition of vedic culture where the books are taught to students in temples. Western countries are now recognizing the importance of the vedic literature and its benefits.

India has emerged a center of spiritual tourism in last decade. May be in the coming years the world benefits from the spiritual treasure of India.

Source by Vinay Lal