Spiritual Delineation – Reading Between the Lines

The Physicist: “A tsunami is a wave train, or series of waves, generated in a body of water by an impulsive disturbance that vertically displaces the water column…”

The Economist: “More than 350,000 job cuts have been announced in the last few months as companies around the world wrestle with slowing growth and plunging demand…”

The Musician: “Music playing, lyrics etc…”

These three very different scenarios have a fervent bearing in the spiritual world. Communication in the spiritual world spreads out as ripples, festooned to reach the spirit of man and ignite what is a part of God in us. When it is received in us it is the Lord’s hand that makes it possible for us to see and understand the message. In other words what we learn in the spiritual world is already a part of us. The message is merely deciphered in us to give us further understanding of the word of God. This is the same with the messages in our world today be it on television, on the radio or whatever means of communication we have available to us. However there is one caveat in everything spiritual, it must be for the purpose of spiritual rewards and not otherwise.

If we take the example of the musician we see that it is a lot easier for him to reach an audience covering a broader range of people; he can reach children, adults, accountants, nurses, philosophers, and many more because they do not only seek the meaning in the words of his song. The words matter to those who can pick them out but to most it is the beat, the vocals, the sound that reaches them causing a sensation to be stimulated from within. The sound of this music is not learned, it is awakened in man. In this way we can all relate to music in one way or the other. This is the nature of the word of God. It is driven into the spirits of men because our spirits are already aware of God. It is God’s strength that deciphers his words within us in order for us to receive spiritual food. Music is something that we receive in this way because it is soothing, reminds us of things, and touches our spirits because it is a part of them already. The physicist advising us on the hazards caused by tsunamis would not have an impact on our lives if his intentions where not of a spiritual nature. If things are not done spiritually then the outcome is carnal. In other words many of us would listen to what he had to say but in carrying forth this message, his trend of thought would be misplaced along the way. However with music there is a difference, it is distinctive and carries its own identity. The point is that the spiritual message carries an identity and cannot be misconstrued. Our Lord bears this message through man ensuring that we receive it in its completeness.

If we look at the situation of the economist, he falls in the same category as the physicist because despite the relevance of his message it is not driven to the spirit of men but to their welfare in society. It may affect them but as time passes they would forget this message because it is sown carnally rather than spiritually. The complexity and mystery behind the spiritual world makes it possible to transmit these messages to man to last for eternity if the intention behind the message is spiritual. God searches the hearts of men and knows what our intentions are in every deed. If we sow seeds of fear of death, through earthly disasters, scientific revelations that bring fear to society, and demonstrate our knowledge for our own benefit then we shall reap rewards that are carnal. In other words if the intention of the physicist was to demonstrate his admiration of the disasters caused by tsunamis and his scientific prowess then his message would reach very few. However if his intention was to teach people about the world and their environment believing that in any event it was the Lord’s wish whatever the outcome then his message would be understood through society.

This is not to say that the other two professions are not just as important. The physicist and the economist make the same difference to our hearts in one way or the other but their intentions are not so obvious because of the nature of their message. This is why before we endeavor to do things we must ask ourselves what our intentions are. If we have learned the word of the Lord and thrive to pass this on then we shall succeed. To put fear in the hearts of men is not God’s intention. If our Lord has conquered death then why should we be afraid to die? In which case, the message from the physicist is paralyzed after a few viewers. On the other hand if their intentions are to make us aware of our environment knowing that regardless of how things may turn out, we would survive by the will of God and not by the security methods and safety that man provides, their messages would ripple through many people.

The mystery behind the spiritual world is captured in our faith. Our intentions are defined by our faith in the Lord and for some of us that may not know the word of the Lord we would find that if what we do, we do with good intentions then we would always succeed one way or the other. Reading between the lines is a trend of thought that must be taken into consideration in any spiritual journey.

Source by Leslie Musoko