Spiritual Dryness: The Giant You Must Kill

God created us and desires that we all become spiritually strong, vibrant and aglow. When we talk about spiritual dryness, we are referring to the state of spiritual alienation from God, the source of all life. It also stands for a situation whereby you no longer get yourself connected, attached, and abiding in the Lord (John 15:1-7).

When you get dry spiritually, you are open to danger, because the door of your heart has been opened for the enemy to plunder and ravage you. At his entrance, he fills your mind with all kinds of negative and satanic thoughts. This is a giant that needs immediate expulsion and destruction.

Spiritual dryness creeps in as a result of prayerlessness. When your prayer life gets cold, dry, uninteresting, lacking fire and zeal, then you are actually in trouble. Mechanical prayer is a danger sign of a spiritually dried life. As a believer in Jesus Christ, prayer ranks high as a source of your power. In the place of prayer, you are strengthened, and encouraged to move on. When you are prayerless, you are powerless, and are open to serious danger of the enemy’s attack. Another sign of a spiritually dried person is the gradual lack of interest in fellowshipping with God’s children; being uninterested in the things of God, and neglecting some cardinal Bible truths (Hebrews 10:25).

Apart from lack of interest in studying God’s word, a porous fasting life is equally a bad sign. When fasting becomes a burden, observed half-way with complaints and unseriousness, then you are going down spiritually.

Spiritual dryness results when your anchor, strength, focus or attention is shifted from your Source, God. This is when you start boasting of your personal achievements, feeling comfortable and relaxed in the company of sinners and the ungodly. It begins with having cravings and passion for the things of the world and the world system (1 John 12:15-17). Worldliness is not limited to external behaviour or appearance, but is also internal because it begins in the heart. Worldliness is characterized by covetousness – craving for everything one sees and bowing to the good of materialism. One is also said to be worldly when one is preoccupied with gratifying physical desires – having a strong desire for physical pleasure. Another one is being possessed with one’s status or importance – having pride in one’s achievements and possessions.

Spiritual dryness is a giant that needs to be killed in your life hence it is not just a sudden occurrence or feeling. It may begin as enticements that look appealing, and inviting, whose end is not always palatable. Therefore, to kill the giant of spiritual dryness, you must refuse worry and anxiety; maintain constant fellowship with God; spend quality time with God; be a good reader of God’s Word; and always feed from healthy and spiritually sound people.

Source by Vitus Ejiogu