Spiritual Expansion – Universal Law Of Faith

It is easy to believe in something you can see, touch or hear. It is altogether different to place belief and trust in something that you cannot touch, hold, feel or hear. You cannot see that which is Spiritual in nature, free-flowing energy that is not contained by any human made sense of limitation.

Faith by definition is complete and unwavering trust in that which is both seen and unseen. For the purposes of this sharing with you my understanding of the Universal Law of Faith, we will explore that which is unseen.

To have faith in what has yet to be manifested into physical form. It is about casting out doubt and fear. The mind, the ego-chatter mind has ways of reminding you that things have not always been easy or turned out the way you wanted or expected.

It is about releasing the fear of the unknown, reaching beyond surface appearances and the perceptions of others in your life.

To have faith is to speak your truth to you, knowing and trusting that you are in alignment with the purpose for your life as you travel your unique path for you.

Prayer is an integral part of faith. Expecting the outcome is also interwoven with prayer. Prayer is so much than a technique or ritual. It is about placing all your cares and worries, all your hopes and dreams into Spirit, that which is Divine Source.

It is important to remember that what you pray for may or may not manifest exactly the way you want. There is something much larger, something so energetically powerful at work. This unseen power is Universal Law.

If you are not practicing and honoring all Universal Laws, what you ask for in prayer and with complete faith, trusting that your request will heard and honored may appear not to be answered.

Source by Terrie Marie