Spiritual Healing For a Better Life

The first step in spiritual healing is the recognition that all healing energy comes from God. The healer becomes the conduit to channel life force energy through their hands to the person in need of healing. By understanding the source of healing energy, the healer remains humble and able to be open, clear, and detached.

Spiritual healing is a great way to get support on your healing path as well as to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It creates a pathway for people to live a fulfilled life. Most people experience different traumatic events and loss throughout their life. By seeking support, people can begin to unlock the patterns that keep them in pain or living less than they can.

Listed below are a few of the many benefits of spiritual healing:

  1. Release unwanted stress
  2. Relax your body, mind, and spirit
  3. Eliminate toxins
  4. Improve circulation
  5. Relief from pain
  6. Energize the organs
  7. Lower blood pressure
  8. Increase your stamina and energy
  9. Realign imbalances in the body

Choosing a Good Healer

It is important for the healer to become a clear vessel of God’s love and light for the spiritual healing to be clean and effective. A good healer is detached, compassionate, and a clear channel. There are many healers who can do great healing work and are not necessarily clear channels, but it is always best to select a clear healer for your spiritual healing. Healers can often pick up unwanted energies from their clients. In this event, the healer needs to know how to let go of these energies quickly, to remain a clear vessel. Remember, it is important that you feel comfortable with the healer you select. Listen to your heart and follow that knowing. Observe the behavior patterns, as well as the health and vitality of this healer.

Healing Sessions

A spiritual healing can be done from a distance, on the phone, or in person. Long distance healing is very effective and has helped a lot of people. In this case, the healer can simply focus on that person and send spiritual healing. It is helpful to have information about a specific condition or injury along with a name and specific location for the person. The healer can use this information to direct the spiritual healing and best serve this person. The spiritual healing will continue for a few days until the healer feels that the session is complete.

A phone session can be very effective for a spiritual healing. It is easy for a good healer to get a sense of a person over the phone by feeling or seeing the energy field. Often a prayer is stated out loud once the situation or condition has been identified. The prayer initiates the session and aligns both parties with God. The healer will then begin to send energy to the person while that person relaxes and breaths in the healing energy. It is helpful for the person receiving the spiritual healing to remain open to the healing energy. The more that person believes in the healing, the greater his/her results will be.

The most effective form of spiritual healing is to have a hands-on session. It is not always possible, but if it is, you will receive many benefits from a good healer. Again, take the time to interview this person. Ask all the necessary questions that will allow you to make a good decision. A hands-on healing session can last anywhere from twenty minutes to one hour. Again the spiritual healing will most likely open with a prayer, connecting everyone to the Divine Essence. Secondly the healer will channel energy through the body which will go to the areas on need of healing. Sometimes there is a specific sequence that is used, others not. Stay open to receive, focus your attention on the spiritual healing, and you will benefit the most in the long run.

Spiritual healing is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and/or to get relief when it is needed. The benefits are numerous. It is only a matter of choosing the best healer for you. Just make sure that you like that person’s energy and you feel uplifted by being in his/her presence. Enjoy a better life and give yourself the gift of healing.

Source by Kellyna Kaleolani Campbell