Spiritual Life Coaching – Kundalini Awakening and the Ego’s Response

Kundalini arousal offers a direct challenge to the power of the egoic mind and even though its intentions are to dissolve the ego, which it does eventually, at first, the ego will inherit a huge boost because it will interpret the awakening as something that is intended specifically for it. It’s as if the ego says, “Woah, look at how important I am! It is I who have been anointed into a select group of enlightened ones, and so therefore I must conclude that I am very special indeed.

What the ego doesn’t realize, however, is that everyone else is just as special and just because they may have not been Kundalini-awakened, this does not mean that they won’t be eventually, either in this life or the next. Everyone is destined to evolve eventually. Everyone. Even the so-called “evil” people who conspiracy theorists seem so preoccupied with these days, i.e. the elite “Illuminati” working “behind the scenes” and “pulling the strings” to manipulate mankind for their own benefit. Yes, even them.

The truth is, if we didn’t have these negative forces in the world, there would be no growth. The same goes for the negative people in our lives, amongst our friends, family, and in our intimate relationships. It is the negativity that is the impetus that kicks the soul over the edge of the cliff, into a corner, up against a wall, so that it may be in a place of total surrender when the serpent fire strikes.

The fire that ignites the wick leading to egoic self destruction is the Kundalini activation. But this dissolution process may take some time. For myself, it took nearly a decade. At first, the intentions set forth from the creative juices that are inherent with an awakening are truly altruistic. This is without question. However, as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” After the Kundalini seeds of creativity have yielded their overflowing abundance of material wealth and success (which they will), the ego may step in and say, “Ah hah! I knew it to be true! This proves that I have a power that no one else possesses.”

Of course, this behavioral dynamic is the self-destruct mechanism that comes as a standard accessory (no additional charge) with every ego. Once Narcissus saw his own reflection, he became enamored with his own beauty. It is the same with the initiate of a Kundalini awakening. The extent to which the ego takes over the self will naturally vary from person to person. With many women the ego boost may not be of much concern because women are already light years ahead of men when it comes to being cognizant of their own egoic behavior. However, it may still present itself to be a problem with a minority of female initiates.

Source by Jason Lincoln Jeffers