Spiritual Protection for the People of Israel

Following my reincarnation and the commissions from God to tear down the wall of churches, to go out to the people and to bring back the young many things were provided to complete them. The year was 1984 when the first request was received and at that time there were three quick visions that showed me replacing Jesus Christ as the teacher on the mountain. My face was shown on a screen in the last one and now that has become the computer and the Internet.

The teaching from the Spirit has been long and intense as it took me back to Babylon in time to learn the origin of language and religion. There too was the cross depicted in the image of the sun star, which was caused when sun light passed through an aperture pointed towards the horizon at dawn. This was called ‘Ma-r-i’ of ‘Mother’s powerful eye’ and is Mary in English.

My next commission was to take God off the cross and that came with mighty power as a man on a cross stood in front of me with the pain of confusion, rejection, disbelief, innocence and loss on his face. That image has never left me because God was never on a cross but is the Spirit of the Universe.

Only in the primitive minds of the uneducated elders of the past could such a being be conceived as one that could rise up via the cross to ‘marry Mary’. Note the similarity in the two words. But this is how men dreamed and the elders thought. Those perceptions have never changed when it comes to the religions born of them.

The people of the Spirit however, who are called Israel, were seeded 4,000 years ago at the beginning of the day of the Lord. They have been protected by God ever since as long as they did not surrender to the violence and forced worship of Mary and the false prophets, that is men who were supposedly sent as Sons of God.

Source by Norma Holt