Spiritual Psychics – The Truth About Spirituality and Psychic Medium Abilities You Need to Know

Perhaps when you think of spirituality you associate this with some of the many religions such as Buddhism, Quakerism, Hinduism, Christianity and so on. As an after thought you might include a perspective such as individual growth according to spiritual beliefs. Spiritualism is a religion and embraces a sense of communion with the afterlife. A spiritualist will be working in the light for the greater good and the belief is that there is a connection with life after death.

Spiritualist Churches are places of worship for those who are interested in spiritualism. Spiritual Psychics, Mediums and Healers regularly attend the Spiritualist Church where they can share their spiritual experiences. They can develop their spiritual abilities and learn from each other. There are prayers, hymns and an introduction followed by mediumship demonstrations. There are some Spiritual Psychics and Mediums who also work as Healers and often begin this process in the Spiritualist Church.

Spirituality covers such a broad spectrum of ideals and there is a place within the foundations of psychic development. Genuine Spiritual Psychics undertake such practices as prayer, meditation and they take a very spiritual view of life. The Spiritual Psychics may pray to angelic forces and they may even talk of an angelic presence with similar experiences to those reported in the bible.

A spiritual healing is apparently a form of mediumship because the healing is being directed from a higher energy vibration. Meditation has an important place in spiritual development and the process will often include certain breathing and relaxation techniques. The meditation sessions may be given by an experienced practitioner who guides the session. This could include some prayers and some guided imagery and even chanting.

The Spiritual Psychic will often refer to their spirit guide who they may have first met in a meditation session. The spiritual medium may connect with those on the other side and this may have arisen through an altered state of consciousness attained through meditation.

The messages that the Spiritual Medium receives comes to them direct from spirit and is projected as mental images, intuitive feelings, symbols or channeling. The Medium is the ‘medium’ through which the spirits communicate to those on the earth plane. Mediumship is not learned it exists, it is something which can be developed over time. It is not a science and therefore a conventional view is that it is an experiment which has never been proven.

There are other techniques that Spiritual Psychics and Mediums will have to learn as they go along. They can often be confronted with difficult situations and they should have a compassionate approach. They also have to be very disciplined in their work because there will be some clients who will latch on to them. Professional detachment is very important and it is a case of finding a comfortable way of working in the light.

Source by Rachel Swanoski