Study the Spiritual Aspects of Schizophrenia to Find a Cure!

Before there was scientific knowledge, there was this thing called faith. Without it there would never be scientific knowledge, yet Science has the arrogance to say that faith proves nothing. I say to Science that once there was someone who had faith and he, or she became a Scientist!

I would like to challenge Science, Medicine, and Psychiatry to study the spiritual aspects of schizophrenia, or there will never be a cure to this disease. I’m not saying to go back into the dark ages and I’m not saying that schizophrenics should not take their medications. I am saying that I believe schizophrenia is a form of spiritual and psychic warfare as well as a mental illness. Schizophrenics need faith, prayer, and medications to fight this debilitating disease.

If they do not recognize the spiritual warfare and psychic warfare for what it is, people will just keep going mad. It is a known fact that governments have been using psychic warfare for years. It really is a perfect way to attack a country and no one would believe that the people are being attacked.

90% of America’s homeless suffer from mental illness even though the bad economy has pushed many working class families out into the streets as well. My father was one of the schizophrenics who lost everything to the voices in his head. His mother was also a diagnosed schizophrenic. The Psychiatrists only want to over-medicate the patients and put them all in one box. How about if I ask the psychiatrists themselves to start thinking outside of the box and consider looking into the spiritual aspects of schizophrenia, so that the mentally ill are not subject to another year wandering by like another lost soul.

Source by Stephanie Hilpert