Supernatural Visits to Heaven, Hell, Meeting Jesus, Angels and the Saints in Visions Part 2

My biggest vision of heaven continued from part one

I remember when I was a little boy my mother used to put a lot of energy into sewing up costumes for us to wear at fancy dress days at school. I remember as a very small boy wearing my very own coat of many colours and winning first prize in it. I remember one day when my mother got heaps of bandages and wrapped me up in them and I was Lazarus and once again I one first prize.

And here I was in heaven, sitting in the place of Christ, on His throne, sitting next to the Father in heaven I could never talk to or pray to for most of my Christian life dressed in a robe of righteousness that Jesus had taken off his own back and given to me and standing in front of me was one of my childhood heroes, that once wore a special coat that His father Jacob had given him because he was special.

After that the roof of heaven opened some how and suddenly while I was sitting on the throne next to God, I was looking at the solar system and two or so planets were really close up like you could jump onto them. Behind them stretched all the stars.

The Father said to me.

“Do you see all of that Matthew. I created all of that.!”

“Yes Father”, I replied.

“You know not only did I create all of that, but I control all of that and I stop it from going out of control.”

“Yes,” I agreed, the Father seemed to be speaking things that were scriptural. LOL

“You know if I can control all of that and keep that in place and in it’s proper order, don’t you think I could control your life properly!”

Tears came to my eyes both in heaven and on earth. It reminds me of the scripture that says what is loosed in heaven in loosed on earth.

You know how can you doubt this powerful ball of light speaking to you from His throne as you see the galaxy in a way you have never seen it before? How can you doubt the promise that God will grant the desires of your very heart if you put Him first?

You know many people don’t hear the voice of the Father, many people don’t hear the voice of Jesus, you know many people don’t hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Oh what a shame it is that some poor souls have to live a life on this earth and never see heaven and then go for an eternity to that dark place called hell.

Why can’t people Just obey Jesus and take His word as the Word of God and take HIm up on His promises and have the faith to trust Him and share the good news with others?

I will never forget that promise of my Creator and Father, “Don’t you think I can run your life too?”

I think the saddest thing that can happen to a person is for them to live a life that doesn’t spin out of control like mine. I think the saddest thing that can happen for a person is that they have such a good life and not a lot of hurt and baggage that they can actually control their life and reach their potential without God.

Though my story of my life is hard to share without me crying in the process, I have been blessed to have come to a place where I simply know that I make a mess of my life by myself and that I actually need God to take control. So may people struggle with giving the control over to God and so can never fully walk in the Spirit and experience perfection happening in things that they do.

How can you trust someone that was mentally ill to give you a message from Jesus or from God? Well, it takes faith. With an act of faith 10 weeks ago I went off my mediation, well about the forth of October 2005 as I write this. Jesus told me I was healed and I could stop my medication and today I saw my Psychiatrist and he gave me a clear bill of health on my bi monthly check up. And I never told him I was healed and just let him assume I was still taking medication. I was so happy when I got out of there, I rang my mother up and said, it’s official even the professionals don’t think I am sick!

One of my first visions of heaven

On another vision I saw a wall made out of diamonds and Jesus put one in my hand. It was the size of a soccer ball and God said that it would run the US government for 200 earth years if it where valued and sold on earth. Later I talked to God the Father and He explained to me that the wall I saw was a lot larger then what I could see until the smoky haze covered it and had me consider how much all the diamonds were worth.

He said to me, ” in light of what I told you about how much worth that one diamond was worth try and contemplate how much two miles of a hundred meter high wall would be worth?” My mind boggled, and then the Father said, “that’s what the earth’s money means to us up here!!” —

I have never ever ever been into money since or the prosperity lie.

Another visit to heaven

One time I went to heaven and I arrived at a park. The park was full of young children skipping rope and running around and playing on swings and doing all sorts of fun things. I was looking and the park stretched to about two football fields and his was full of children. As a I was looking I noticed there were no adults in the picture and I suddenly started to get worried.

Jesus spoke to me and said, “There are no child predators up here Matthew.” I was relived.

I suddenly found myself in front of a young girl on a bench and she looked up at me and said, “Hi Matthew.”

I wondered how she knew me and she told me that she had known of me for a few years and that when my child sleeps at night sometimes he dreams and he meets her in his dream and she keeps him informed as to my life progress as my son and I don’t see each other. That brought tears to my eyes.

Then she took me to see the stables in heaven where they keep some of the horses. It was a lush filed with the greenest grass and the very best looking pasture for the horses to eat and to run in. She told me that she gets to ride the horses and that she had ridden them with angels.

Because of my son and the link to this young girl in heaven, this vision of heaven was very memorable for me.

The last supper in heaven

One day last year I had a vision and I appeared in a room in heaven and up the front of the room Jesus was seated with his 12 apostles having communion. I was unsure of my scripture theology of whether Jesus was allowed to drink wine before the Wedding supper of the lamb and so as I approached I was having a struggle whether Jesus could be doing something unscriptural. Jesus smiled at me and he knew of my thoughts and he motioned me to join His apostles and left the table.

I was able to sit down and have communion with his apostles.

Vision of the last supper on earth

Many times when I read the account of the last supper I had the feeling that I had somehow been there. I knew we are not re-incarnated and I didn’t think it was a genetic cell memory and I just couldn’t shake it. One day as I read the passage again I saw myself in the room of the last supper just inside the door and I could see Jesus and the apostles at the table. If I was an artist I could draw the picture and have it verified one day by Jesus that I was indeed there.

I was telling a friend of mine on a mission trip about it and he exclaimed, “Oh not you too!” I asked why and he said the leader of the mission trip had also been to the upper room in a vision and instead of staying at the door had sat down and dined with Jesus.

Meeting my first angel in the flesh

One day when I was approached by an old homeless man fifteen years ago and asked for money. I refused him because I didn’t have change and because I was to lazy to change a five dollar note to give him change. As the man walked off, the verse “Whatever you do to the very least of my brethren you do unto me” played into my head as a strong rebuke from the Lord. I turned and ran after the guy and when I got to the phone box that he had gone around two seconds before, he had disappeared into thin air. That was my first visitation from an angel that I met in the flesh and I am sad to say I failed the test.

The Lord said to me that day, that I need to stop judging people if I was to ever progress in the Christian walk. You see if a man in a business suit comes up to you on the street and says that he has lost his wallet and needs two dollars to get home on the bus, do you give him the third degree and say no? And yet a man in dirty jeans walks up to you with three days growth on his face and he looks like a druggie and no hoper, and gives you the same line, his chances are a lot slimmer then the businessman. In James we are told not to show partiality and yet, we do, we judge people and self righteously make up credible sort of reasons not to show mercy. I’m sorry, I had an angel teach me this lesson and I learnt it well.

I read in the book, “Angels on Assignment”, that is a really good book by the way, that one time the author encountered angels in his house and then they left him and disappeared in front of his eyes. He said there were footprints in the snow and then they just came to a stop. I haven’t been good enough or found worthy enough to ever see my visitors disappear in front of my eyes. Maybe that takes more faith then I have at the moment. Or perhaps they know I am terrible at goodbyes!

Watching Jesus get kicked out of my church.

That all started because Jesus had told me the church we where attending was no good. I told Him that they had been good to us and that If He Jesus wanted to prove that this church was no good that I wanted Him to turn up in the church in person and I wanted to see them kick him out! Now some of you may never say that to Jesus and actually have the faith to say that to Him, or the disrespect. Anyway…

Well thirty seconds after I said that our homeless friend turned up and both me and my friend who had heard me say my prayer to Jesus knew she clearly wasn’t herself the way she was acting. She came in and started to dance to the song and to sing out loud and had her hands in the air and it was all a bit too much for the people of the church and the minister showed her the door.

Lack of money leads to my first miracle

The only time I have ever been caught short of having money to give a heroin addict for their drug I saw God’s power come through me and its the only time I have seen God’s anointing come through my hand. I was overcome with sadness that this girl who had asked me was starting to get very painful cramps through her body as her body was withdrawing from the heroin and as I sat and listened to her wince and say she just doesn’t know how she is going to cope with the pain that was coming, inside I began to cry.

Jesus always the man God who was moved with compassion on earth heard my inner cry and said to me.

“Ask her if you can pray for her?”

“Can I pray for you, I asked. When she said yes, I quickly asked Jesus what to do next.

“Place your hand on her forehead and say the word peace,” Jesus directed me.

I placed my hand on her forehead and said peace aloud so she could hear it and my friend who was another heroin could hear it.

She fell back in her chair and closed her eyes and sat back really relaxed for about a minute and I was wondering if she had fallen to sleep or something. After a minute of suspense she leaned forward to me and looked into my yes and said with a loud exclamation, “What is this?”

I didn’t know what was happening and I just said by faith. “What you are feeling is the peace of God which passes all understanding.”

The joy and the peace on that girls face in what she said after that was something I will never ever forget. This was my first and only miracle I have ever done but it showed me something more of the character of my Jesus Christ that I serve then a hundred or so people who have given me the excuse that the reason they don’t give two dollars is that they don’t want to be encouraging the persons habit. All of men’s excuses as to why they don’t show mercy and have compassion fail into nothing when Jesus Christ turns up.

Source by Matthew Robert Payne