Tantric Active Meditation

“The treasure is hidden within you as much as it was hidden in Buddha or Christ.”

I am a Goddess! The very pronunciation of these 4 powerful words evoke and put light on the Goddess essence I embody. Sometimes I forget that I am a Goddess and my actions and words have me scrambling and struggling to become the Goddess I already am. I may get fixated on what I must do each day to ultimately gain the sensual shawl of a Deity. Again, I forget who I already am. The loss of conscious memory changes my entire world keeping me outside my true self.

The same concept applies to spirituality. It is commonly thought that spirituality is a difficult attainment. Yet it is neither difficult nor an attainment. According to Osho’s Tantra philosophy, whatsoever you are, you are already spiritual. Nothing new is to be added to your being and nothing is to be discarded from your being. You are as perfect as possible. It is not that you are going to be perfect sometime in the future. It is not that you have to do something spectacular or incredible to be yourself. You are already there.

If spirituality is some attainment than of course it is going to be difficult – not only difficult but really impossible. If you are not already spiritual, you cannot be, you never can be, because how can one who is not spiritual be spiritual. If you are not divine already then there is no possibility, there is no way. No matter what effort you will make, effort made by one who is not already divine can not create divinity. If you are not divine, your effort can not create divinity. Then it is impossible.

And so this logically destructive cycle continues and humans are lost, confused and in the dark about life and living, being and existing. They are struggling and trying too hard, being tense and tight in the process, – living in the world of the mind. Ask them where they’re going… they don’t know!

I love how Osho puts it so simply in his manuscript of The Book of the Secrets. He reminds us that the ultimate is already the case. It is already here. No need to struggle to get a PhD or win a Pulitzer Prize or some distinguished award to attain. Simple techniques can help. It is no longer an attainment but instead – a discovery. It is hidden, and it is hidden in very very small things.

The personality is just like clothes. Your body is there but hidden behind the clothes you wear; in the same way your spirituality is here, hidden in certain clothes. These clothes are your personality that you put on. You can be naked physically and spiritually. But you do not know because you’ve been wearing and hiding behind those clothes for so long. You forgot how to be naked, how to see your true, raw beautiful and divine essence. You’ve been too busy covering up your real self. You have become the clothes you wear. That is the only barrier!!

We are already that which will be, which should be, which are to be. The future hides in the present. All possibilities are here in the moment as a seed. Only we need to take off our clothes, or break a foggy window in our house (the body) or a small surgical procedure may be required to remove the cataract in order to come into one’s vision. Small efforts rather than big ones will reveal what lies hidden in the divine treasure you carry.

Yet we live in a very dramatic world. Glitters, psychedelic lights, huge TV & theater screens, heavy machinery, overwhelming technology, fast fuel injected cars, oil, diamonds, and the pursuit of money and material things. Gosh, having to measure up to all those big things can be pretty overtaxing and strenuous on any individual. Imagine thinking and believing that you have to do something so big, so grand, and so humongous to become spiritual or enlightened. That is a lot of pressure in itself. No wonder on one gets there. It’s just not how energy and the law of nature work.

The way is small, no big effort or production is necessary, only small efforts, in fact, the smaller, the better. And effortlessly is even better. Why is it that the more one tries, the harder it is to attain? Like trying to get pregnant or trying hard to find a partner to settle down with and marry. Your very effort, your tension, your occupiedness, your longing, your expectation becomes the barrier. With a very small effort, an effortless effort as they call it in Zen – doing as if not doing – it happens quite easily! The more madness you apply, the less the possibility because one is using a sword where only a needle is required.

So you are asking if something is smaller how can a bigger step be possible. The concept is irrational and unscientific. Even science – with its limitations – knows that the smaller the particle the bigger the bang or the effect. What is an atomic bomb made of? Very small atoms! Who would have ever conceived before that era that 2 atomic explosions would completely wipe out two big cities in Japan – Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Two hundred thousand people were simply wiped out of existence in seconds. And what was the force used? An atom! The very smallest particle – blew up 2 cities. You can not see the atom. Not with your eyes, not by any means. It can not be seen with any instrument only the effects can be seen. Are you with me?

Tantra is concerned with the atomic secrets in the human being, in the human mind, in human consciousness. Tantra contains atomic secrets and atomic methods. If you can attain those methods, then results will be explosive, cosmic. The formula is small but the results are massive.

In my Tantric meditation – simple full body movements and simple isolated body part movements can bring about a big shift in one’s energy field, in ones consciousness, in ones being, in ones life. It only took one sitting to feel the energy moving itself into a state of equilibrium. I only sat still and watched it happen like magic. It felt so good that I began to do it easily and effortless throughout the day. And I was excited to bring my son in on this. And with him, he immediately had a bowel movement. As the energy in me shifted from the upper quadrant of my shoulders, neck, facial muscles, my chest and heart became lighter and freer. That very day I got a stream of emails and messages inquiring about my serves and the opportunity to teach yoga classes. I was amazed, stunned and laughing my ass off! I remembered that I am already a Goddess!! I am in my Goddess state of being. Nothing more, nothing less! Now my fire is ignited and I am in motion again. Now I must share the secrets with you and keep spreading the Goddess love everywhere.

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Source by Angelique Shofar