The Beatitudes – Knowing Natural Happiness and Divine Peace Within

Contrary to formal religion perception, the Beatitudes are not about a man teaching spiritual truths to a gathered audience on a hilltop. When esoterically understood, the Beatitudes are about realization of our Higher Self, the attainment of lasting peace and true happiness by means of real connection with God-nature. Composed through this God-nature or Higher consciousness, the Beatitudes are beyond religious dogma, beyond shallow interpretation and literal-based understanding. Through the process of silence meditation, thus is Higher Self consciousness made reality in our daily life. When lower carnal self undergoes integration of devitalized generational conditioning, thereby has the process of realization of this already pure higher Self commenced.

In this context, The Beatitudes are referring to a particular orientation / attitude of consciousness, which orientation is generally referred to as Higher Self, Christ consciousness, Cosmic consciousness, Liberated soul consciousness, Unconditional love consciousness or Be-ing consciousness. To experience Beatifically, as a conscious everyday awareness, natural purification of the entire nervous system, by way of meditation, is required, as we shall see in the translations below.

The Beatitudes 3-9 read like referring to different levels of future spiritual expectations, which they are not. For, while listed in the plural, the Beatitudes present the single experiential level of Higher consciousness as a now-happening state and not a collection of future reward-promises for adherence to man-made interpretations. A single experiential state within, they are referring to the state of Unity-consciousness while in the state of transcendence during actual meditation — God working through us, not to us.

Beatitude translates: making blessed, becoming blissful or make supremely happy – blessed, blissful and happy – three aspects of One divine nature.

In this context, here is an esoteric synopsis of the Beatitudes: Matthew 5:1-12

1 Jesus saw the crowds and went up a hill, where he sat down

In biblical language crowd symbolizes our dominant repetitive thoughts, and hill our highest point of consciousness. Where he sat down meaning the practice of meditation — becoming mentally still, when intellect retires into silence. Jesus saw the crowds means when we enter into meditation our mental / physical processes become naturally calmed, spiritually aligned, re-energized — transforming to know divinely. This catharsis or integration process through mental stillness is vital for knowing Beatifically, it brings about expansion of mind.

2 His disciples gathered round him and he began to teach them

His disciples symbolize the 12 aspects of human nature which undergo spiritual transition. In practical terms, the 12 apostles are the 12 cranial nerves situated in and around the brain, which, in conjunction with the seven energy centers known as Chakras along the spine, are our means of spiritual evolution. Without these faculties functioning optimally, we remain “stuck” in the time / space dynamic and are functioning through spiritual ignorance — on battery power rather than Mains. These channels, when meditationally awakened — he began to teach them — function in their cosmically intended purpose, that of being instruments of the Divine. Regular stilling of the conscious mind — leading to transcendence of intellect — is how these vital energy channels become activated, spiritually-serving leading eventually to our highest potential, God-consciousness.

3 Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor;

the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!

When the mind becomes truly settled, realization dawns that there is another level of existence beyond ordinary human awareness, a realm beyond human suffering. It’s deemed suffering when our consciousness remains at this ordinary human level, remains in ignorance of our spiritual nature and the potential for Higher Self experiencing. When one’s life — through wrong living, wrong choices, wrong mind-sets — becomes unbearable, as in ‘enough is enough’, the natural tendency is seeking a spiritual solution. Intuitively we sense there is a Nobler existence other than simply existing through lower ego and its related suffering. During meditation we come to know this Nobler existence and its harmonious nature — happy are those. By coming upon unbounded awareness, it becomes abundantly clear that we cannot know divinely, Beatifically without surrendering the lower self and its individuality status. Know they are spiritually poor is: inner knowing without worldly attachments, possessions – being ego-less — thereby know the Kingdom of heaven.

4 Happy are those who mourn;

God will comfort them

Those who mourn are the remorseful, the repentant for their unnatural lifestyle consequent of attachment to the lower ego-created persona. The ego is a psychological illusion invented for blocking out the higher Self, our Spiritual domain, resulting in patterning the mind negatively; a pattern in need of divine alchemy to higher status. But lower ego initially is a necessary means or dynamic of overcoming the illusory nature of the physical world. But, now that we’re faced with a divinely-sourced pattern – consequent of becoming repentant, remorseful and for which purity of inner faculties is required — letting go of lower ego can be traumatic or mournful. But this is how lower-ego becomes integrated, thereby does spiritual ego or divine nature come into focus. Now we’re progressing spiritually – happy are those — comforted without the baggage-influence of the false prophet, lower ego. This is why Jesus rebuked Peter — symbolizing ego: Get behind me, Satan – Matthew 16:23 — become integrated into higher awareness. Lower ego of itself is not evil, its simply a dynamic we must each grow through thereby come into spiritual awareness — evil, meaning living life backward rather than forward; live / evil.The message is in its reverse spelling.

5 Happy are those who are humble;

they will receive what God has promised

There is nothing more humiliating for lower ego than to be faced with utter silence. Therefore, humility, meekness comes with arrival of calm-full silence. Repeated humblings by way of transcendence is how the heart / mind get to know what God has promised – eternal life, bliss-consciousness. In the state of transcendental silence, there is no medium for the existence of opinionated lower ego: individual mind ceases to be, it becomes transcendental consciousness – raindrop merging with pure Ocean. With this retiring of the conscious mind / intellect into the Ocean of pure silence, humility becomes means of directly knowing pure existence — eternal transcendental bliss-consciousness — Happy are those.

6 Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires;

God will satisfy them fully!

As spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, we’re each required to come upon our higher Self, the already existing pure consciousness. Because we cannot know pure consciousness through impure means, purification of our inner mechanisms — which are presently under the influence of lower self — is what God requires. In taking steps of becoming mentally still in meditation, we fulfill God’s requirement — happy are those. This is how human consciousness transforms to cognize cosmically, universally — know unbounded nature. When such becomes permanently established in consciousness, thus are we spiritually and eternally fulfilled — God will satisfy them fully!

7 Happy are those who are merciful to others;

God will be merciful to them

Being judgmental, unforgiving, continually expressing negativity through the nervous system, will ensure similar life experiences in return: there is no escaping the law of cause and effect: as we sow (in consciousness) so shall we reap (experiential). During transcendence in meditation there is no possibility of duality, of negative emotions such as anger, hatred or ill-will, rather the contrary, for Unity has no opposite. Thus, meditation transmutes, integrates subconscious reactive thought patterns thereby is our consciousness made merciful, compassionate in every expression. Thus, before entering into meditation, be sure not to hold negative mind-sets — happy are those who are merciful.

8 Happy are the pure in heart;

they will see God

To be Pure in heart is consequent of self-purification — purification of our spiritual faculties the nervous system / 12 cranial nerves, lower ego, intellect, thus we see, perceive through Pure Consciousness – they will see God. Absorption of our entire inner being into soul silence is key, thereby is consciousness made free of automatically recurring spiritual ignorance, causal of rooted impurity and suffering. With repeated infusion of bliss into the nature of the mind, then is the soul seeing / perceiving divinely: He – higher Self — healed the spiritually deaf and spiritually blind.

9 Happy are those who work for peace;

God will call them his children!

Becoming a peace-worker (within) is working at becoming spiritually Aware: aware of the defects, limitations and temptations of own human character. Setting about a program of conscious mind expansion — present moment awareness — is how Peace-nature becomes established in the mind and transmitted into the extended world. In knowing personal peace, our spiritual vibration emanates outwards thereby contributes to attainment of the critical mass needed for the whole planet becoming spiritualized. In meditation we become as “children” — light-heart, innocent, ego-less! happy are those.

10 Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires;

the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them

In becoming spiritually awakened to our divine inner nature — coming upon pure consciousness — subconscious addictive patterns begin surfacing into mind for conscious integration — what God requires. During this often unpleasant process, withdrawal symptoms can leave us persecuted on all emotional fronts. But, as the moto goes, this too shall pass — this too becomes integrated, purified, healed — the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Overcoming personal addiction can be extremely challenging. In spiritual terms, this temporary discomfiture is something to be happy about, not resisted, for, through a daily meditation program and the help of a detoxification clinic, if necessary, truly are we victorious in this personal persecution – happy are those.

11 Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers.

This is slightly different to 10 where persecution is for what God requires – gain purification — and here persecution is because we have commenced, progressed and are now followers (of divine nature). Recognizing this progress, People, lower ego’s fear agendas, begin surfacing into conscious mind in an effort to dissuade us, throw us off track. Now because we’re a committed follower of Truth, our spiritual resolve to wholeness becomes further challenged by ego. Surfacing subconscious content therefore is to be welcomed for it leads to expansionary awareness which, over time, transmutes as purity of heart. Without conscious awareness — by way of mind expansion in meditation — we automatically suppress unpleasantness thus giving further sustenance to lower ego. Soul awakening awareness is the process of overcoming — the world, ego — happy are you. This deep catharsis commences destruction of the temple (left-side brain / ego dominance) which Christ said He would rebuild — renew spiritually by opening right-side brain-thereby is the persecution dynamic healed. This marks the beginning of becoming whole, happy, blissful – experience Beatifically!

12 Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven. This is how the prophets who lived before you were persecuted.

Evolution is the unending progression of activity: the evolutionary process which always was and will be the same for all beings: This is how the prophets who lived before you were persecuted. In other words, the wheel of evolution is eternally working out the evolution of all beings, that of bringing each to their highest possible potential – God-consciousness. Because we are each born into ignorance of Higher cosmic nature — causal of all suffering globally and personally — attuning cosmically with the laws of nature becomes the spiritual imperative, thereby gaining freedom from lower self domination – be happy and glad. Evolution — through lower self — is the maturing process we must each undergo in becoming transcendentally aligned with the higher Self’s Heaven state; a process which involves many sessions of transcendence in meditation. In the words of the immortal 5000 years old Bhagavad-Gita: ch2–v45 –“be without the three gunas, O Arjuna, freed from duality..”. The three gunas represent the three evolutionary laws of nature: Creation, Maintenance, Dissolution. Everything under the influence of these three Laws are perishable, whereas, beyond them, transcendentally, lies the imperishable – higher Self domain — here, evolution does not exist as we know it now. Freed from duality means free from the law of opposites (good/bad, love/hate) of the relative world — in Unity consciousness there are no opposites. Therefore, when transcendental consciousness becomes permanently established thus are we free of the gunas, the wheel of evolution / persecution of lower self — the unending cycle of birth / death and rebirth. The goal of life on Earth is reached, eternal consciousness attained, the Great Reward realized — Alleluia!

Be Blessed, Happy and Blissful.

Source by Raymond Patrick Phelan