The Benefits of Inner Stillness in the Law of Attraction

When using the Law of Attraction to create the life that you want, it isn’t just about visualizing and focusing on your desires. There is much more to it than that and finding your inner stillness, or your Core Being as we call it, will literally change your life.

You are a physical being on this Earth but there is a Core Being that is the real you within you. The real you is full of all the knowledge that is in the Universe. The real you understands why others do what they do and the real you loves unconditionally. The real you, the Core Being you, knows your physical life purpose. It’s when we decide to come to this Earth, to understand and learn more about the many levels of love, that the Universe gives us the creation of having a physical body and actually experiencing the physical.

Think about a time where someone told you about a trip they may have taken. Maybe they went to Ireland or visited England and saw Stonehenge and they described it in detail and even showed you pictures. Did you experience actually physically going on the trip? No, you listened and enjoyed and visualized what your friend told you about her trip. But until you have experienced it, it is just someone else’s memory.

This is what it is like with the Core Being.

The Core Being knows all with the exception of actually living the experience in 3D; it’s illusion yet real all the same. We come here to have the physical experience and not just hear and learn from the thoughts of another.

Your Core Being is always connected to the Universe and when you can feel it being connected, you will be able to find thoughts and insights that you never knew existed to help you with the life here.

So where do you start to find your inner stillness? You start through meditation. When you meditate you are doing nothing; you are sitting in stillness. You are relaxing and just ‘being’. When you relax and just ‘be’, you are in truth realizing the connection that is there (all the time) to the Universe. Giving your body time to relax and giving your Core Being some time to fully connect will help you attain the life that you desire. How is this possible? Because even though you are always connected to the Universe, you are giving the Universe its own time with the physical body being silent and still (and the physical self isn’t in the way) so that you are a clear channel to receive infusions of insights and knowledge that will help you with your physical life and all your desires.

Will you immediately know the answers to all the world problems? It’s possible but most likely (like everyone else) getting your mind to shut off through meditation can be a bit of a challenge. And when you have chatter happening in your head, the Core Being can be hard to hear and to listen to. Even if you can sit just for a few moments without mind chatter, it’s a beginning. We also have the logical mind that has to add its two cents, and confusing your logical mind with the inner stillness can give you answers that aren’t quite accurate.

I take a small notebook with me when I prepare to meditate. I sit still and clear my mind and not wait… I just relax and keep clearing my mind when thoughts from the day come rolling in. Even if you don’t receive one insight, the meditation can help solve problems and find answers throughout your day because of the inner stillness gained through meditation.

By taking this time with your Core Being, each day you will become more calm and serene. The impatience will begin to leave and with most people insights and knowledge will arrive, not just in meditation but throughout your week.

Find the time to yourself to get to know your ‘Core Being’ because that is who you really are and once you do the Law of Attraction will become much clearer in your life.

Source by Beth Mccain