The Benefits of Living in a Fantasy!

Living in a fantasy can be seen as an avoidance of reality. It is frequently thought to involve some sort of mental problem, but may be the result of a very active and wonderfully vivid imagination. People have gone into these unique places seeking salvation or just to be with the beauty of their own creation, in a world of all-possibility. It can be the tool that keeps a person alive. Fantasizing can also lead to great things.

Without fantasizing, or dreaming, could this world have been created with great beauty and precision? The dream is where people create. Thomas Edison could not have invented the light bulb without his dream. He could not have done so without the the dream that evolved within his own world of fantasies. Great works of art and literature are the product of someone dreaming, meditating, or fantasizing. The act of going inside of one’s self provides the fertile ground for greatness. Science fiction must surely be the result of an extremely active imagination played out in fantasy-land. The best actors and actresses have a great ability to move from reality to fantasy with grace. Both their perception of reality and their move into role-playing, or fantasizing, may contribute to their total persona.

Going to a place within, that place of silence, has allowed many people to see truth through different eyes. It has allowed people of faith to see their God. Some people find their solutions to everyday problems within their dreams and within their quiet thoughts. Fantasizing and dreaming have left people breathless and in awe of some internal experience. Fantasizing wellness has created health for some previously sick people. Experiencing these things has brought joy to people. A new reality is always the product of fantasies.

When fantasizing becomes an obsession, just as alcohol has become to the alcoholic, it will eventually be a problem. When a person does not know the difference between reality and fantasy, it is already a problem. When one understands the positive nature of imagination in the creation of great and wonderful ideas and beautiful realities, then fantasizing does not seem to be so ominous and foreboding.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two dreams can manifest the same results. Similarity of these grand experiences can only be imagined by others. Inside of ourselves is where we find beauty and confidence. This is where people can connect to their loving hearts and to the God of their dreams.

Source by Mat S