The Boveda Spiritual Altar

The Boveda

One of the most fundamental and effective means of communication between the material world and the spiritual world is the boveda. A boveda or spiritual altar is a dedication to all the energies that surround us both ancestral and celestial. It calls together guardian spirits so that we may petition them collectively in order to attain the most effective results for our individual needs.

Water, also regarded as the universal conductor is one of our most basic elements. It is vital in sustaining all life and therefore it is the main ingredient in a boveda. The position of the water glasses is what determines the objective of the petition. Where you place your glasses can send out messages for defense, psychic development, love, money, truth, employment, etc.

The most common placement pattern for the glasses on the boveda is with the largest one (representing God) in the center surrounded by (generally) 6 or 8 other glasses. Most people use a total of 7 or 9 glasses as the total amount because of the spiritual connotations within these two numbers. Each glass is dedicated to a particular group of spirits depending on what you feel or what you’ve confirmed as your spiritual court or portrait. One way of getting a clearer picture is through spiritual investigations or spiritual gatherings (misas).

When setting these glasses down on to the table, they should be prayed over and filled to the top. You should also set the center glass last because that represents God and should be the glass to seal your dedication. When praying over your glasses, ask for the qualities that each group of energies can offer you such as strength, courage or spiritual awareness. Generally people place a shot of coffee and rum at the very front of the boveda as an offering to certain energies that enjoyed those drinks in life. A cross should also be placed either in the front of or on top of the biggest glass to remind us of the presence of God.

Pictures of deceased, candles, incense and perfumes can also be added to the boveda as offerings to energies that help you through this walk of life. This is a personal dedication so don’t hesitate to add something you might feel necessary in order for this boveda to work best. The water should not be cloudy or dingy. Your boveda should be considered a sacred space therefore you should tend to it as much as possible. It is encouraged for prayer and meditation be done here also, that way results are easily attained because you have the intercession of your guardian spirits.

A boveda or spiritual altar is a great recourse to have especially if you are seeking spiritual enlightenment and assistance. It is an ancestral dedication that enables us to seek the intercession of the spirits that walk with us and attain a more solid relationship to them. Its set up and maintenance is simple and its effects are worthwhile. I encourage anyone in any spiritual belief system to set up a boveda, it could turn out to be your most valuable tool in spiritism.

Source by Ire Aye