The Definition of a Spiritual Catalyst

Many people have heard the terms “Guru” or “Spiritual Leader”. But it may be true that not many people have heard the term “Spiritual Catalyst”. While still similar in nature, the vocation of a Spiritual Catalyst can be quite different from the vocation of a Guru or Spiritual Leader. A person who is by definition “Spiritual” is someone who holds an essential, incorporeal, perhaps even supernatural approach to life, as opposed to someone who approaches life from a purely physical and corporeal standpoint.

A Catalyst by definition is a thing which precipitates an event or change, often without itself being affected. Therefore, a Spiritual Catalyst is a person who precipitates an event or a change on the level of spirit (the essential, incorporeal part of someone or something). Spiritual Catalysts, like gurus have attained a high level of spiritual authority, awareness and knowledge which enables them to guide others. They do not however, wish to become “Leaders” to their disciples as much as they wish to cause their disciples to question themselves and find answers within themselves.

It is the belief of a Spiritual Catalyst that if a person is caused to initiate their own exploration on the level of spirit, that a person will then become the conscious leaders of their own lives. As well as that if a person becomes the conscious creator and leader of their own life, it will inevitably lead to a form of living enlightenment; thereby allowing that person to live in a state of internal peace and joy.

Source by Teal Swan