The Devil Is Always Talking To You About Quitting And Giving Up ( Don’t Do It )!

Open your Bible to Psalm 34:19 It says… Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delievers him out of them all. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

Jesus is always able to deliver you! God’s Word is the bread for your spiritual life of living. You see, dedicated believers devote themselves to the whole hearted study of God’s Word. Why? Because the devil will start talking to you about many negative things that he wants you to receive. The devil wants you to doubt God’s Word! How many times has doubt robbed you of potential victories God wanted you to have?

This is what I’m teaching you today, the devil is always talking to you about quitting and giving up. ( Don’t do it )! If you know that God is speaking to you about something, don’t doubt it. Take Him at His Word and let it be said of you that you believed and did according to the Word of God. Many people hear the voice of God and ignore it, reject it or try to forget it, those people fall into the devil’s trap.

If you are spiritually smart, you will listen aggressively to the Word of God and will act upon what you hear, even if there are many afflictions that come against you. Here’s the big question from me to you. Do you trust and believe God despite the discouraging circumstances? I want you to know today, that the devil will blind you to the truth of God’s Word concerning you. The person who comes to God must believe and have an attitude of victory. You have to be hungry for the Word that’s going to work for you in the name of Jesus.

The devil wants to hinder your spiritual growth. But there is spiritual food which God has provided for all His born again Children and it’s found in His Word. When you live by the Holy Spirit in the realm of the Scriptures there is no reason to quit and give up because the Lord will deliver you from one problem or many problems. Faith says, I can’t see it, but I believe it is there. Hallelujah! You are the right person that God can reveal His help plan to.

You may have many problems, you may have many troubles, you may have many circumstances, but you also have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. In this world you and I must fight every moment of everyday, stirring ourselves up in Jesus to not quit and give up.

The devil will tell you over and over again and again to not listen to God. Why? Because the Lord is your Helper! That’s why the devil tries to draw you away from God’s Word by making you think you can do just fine on your own.

God is always looking for faithful men and women who will listen and do His will. The Word of God will build up your hope, and help you to keep it in your heart. There must be a revelation in you that the Word of God must have staying power. Lift your hands and say, Praise the Lord Jesus!

Source by Darrick Bussell