The Facts About Emissaries Of Divine Light

In 1932 the Emissaries of Divine Light, a religious community with new age spiritual ideals, came into existence. Beginning with just one man, the group has spread around the world to encompass members of many different backgrounds. Their beliefs center around the concept that all people need to connect with their spiritual core and awaken from what they refer to as spiritual amnesia. These and additional teachings have attracted a variety of folks to become Emissaries themselves. Emissaries of Divine Light has always been a rather small yet extremely supportive community since it got its start in the 1930’s.

Spiritual meetings and conferences are put on by the Emissaries of Divine Light in spirituality centers and communities all throughout the world. People who want to find out more about what the religious community is all about can make arrangements to visit these conferences. According to the group, a visit to a spirituality center is an opportunity for a person to get in touch with their inner divinity. This can lead to impressive personal changes; Emissary ranches and meeting centers are designed to permit purposeful work and tranquility during this time of spiritual awakening.

Lloyd Arthur Meeker established the religious society known as Emissaries of Divine Light in 1932 when he had a profound religious awakening. After this experience, he began writing and teaching his religious beliefs and travelling in order to spread them throughout the United States. He also started referring himself as Uranda instead of his original given name. In 1945 he settled down in Loveland, Colorado and made the Sunrise Ranch, which turned into the headquarters for the growing organization.

After Lloyd Arthur Meeker, also called Uranda, died in 1954, Martin Cecil, also known as Martin Exeter, became the leader of the group. The leadership of the Emissaries was changed in 1988 when Martin Exeter died and a group of trustees began leading the group. While Emissary communities around the world each manage their own groups, the Spiritual Director of the board of trustees in David Karchere.

Since the religious group Emissaries of Divine Light first came into existence in 1932, many people have developed opinions about their activities. Accusations have been launched against the Emissaries by some ex-members as well. However, it is important to consider all sides of the discussion about the Emissaries of Divine Light and respect people’s personal beliefs and feelings.

Source by Helen Owenea