The Law of Attraction Is the Spiritual Acceptance of Being Materialistic!

The Law of Attraction made huge headlines about five years ago from the movie, “The Secret.” This introduced many to the power of their mind and their spiritual connection. Although heavily criticized as being too materialistic, I, for one, am delighted by this teaser movie. It brought mainstream people a message that if they focus their mind and thoughts, they can in fact create the life they desire. If that includes being materialistic… well, that is just fine with me because it’s time that people stop thinking that having material things is NOT spiritual. Some of our Spiritual teachers tell us that thinking too much about having “things” is wrong, egocentric, greedy or selfish.

Truth be told, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with material things. It is extremely spiritual to want these wonderful things that were once conceived in the mind of humans and birthed into our reality. It is even more spiritual to recognize that even the poorest of poor people can bring material things to them once they begin to believe that they are worthy of having it. Everyone has the ability to create exactly what they want. Our Universe is abundant in all areas and humans deserve everything they are seeking. Thinking otherwise actually stops the human race from going forward.

Today, people must work exceptionally hard to get beyond their self imposed limiting thoughts. As a hypnotherapist, I am constantly amazed how people feel about themselves… powerless. This brings on panic attacks, severe anxiety, anger and depression because we have allowed our personal power to be given away. These feelings often stem from our uniformed parents, schools, universities, organized religion and governments that we MUST conform to the written rules and laws because we are unable to think for ourselves. Think about it… if we go against what we have been taught, we may get judged and punished. This explains why we are so small and limited and why we eventually develop unhealthy powerless thoughts that make the pharmaceuticals rich! Many of us are afraid to think outside of our limited box because it is will be judged as being wrong and selfish… in other words “evil.”

Here’s what our society does NOT want us to know: our own private mind space is the only area that they cannot control…only if we let them. Unfortunately, we are the ones that created these educational systems, religions and governments in the first place. We perpetuated the problem by continuing to give them huge power to control our mind and thoughts. It was easier to comply than to say no to these authority figures that have convinced us that they have our well-being at heart.

So how do we correct this problem? We must begin to realize that the only person that really wants what is best for us… is our OWN mind. It’s time for us to believe in ourselves more than we believe in our environmental authorities. We must begin to recognize our own worth. When we WANT to start feeling good and worthy about ourselves we immediately jumpstart our process into moving forward. We begin to become immersed with feel good feelings, forgiveness and appreciation. Then we automatically start moving into creating a life that consists of happiness. We move into the PRO-CREATION mode of our own power by immediately understanding exactly what we don’t want in order to create what we do want.

I get emails from all over the world looking for answers as to why they created their particular situation in their life. My reply is often to look at how they feel about themselves. Their issues are simply a mirror as to how they perceive their life. When people grasp this concept, their lives shift dramatically.

We do deserve the luxuries of life and we do deserve financial ease. It all begins with restructuring the way we were originally taught. It’s delightfully easy! By the way… it is easy to create money once we forget that we must work hard for it.

Listening every day to inspirational talk show is one way to stay on track, especially while on your commute to work or even exercising. More and more people are recognizing their power and every day, and as a result, their immediate environment and even the world are becoming closer to what it is that they actually are wanting.

Source by Julie Ann Johnson