The Misunderstanding of Spirituality – The Fault of Religions

People completely misunderstand the meaning of ‘spirituality’ because it was hijacked by religious organisations for their benefit and control. The Spirit is the Great Creative Power of the Universe and is a big as all of space, however big that is. It is the one true God and it allowed misunderstanding and lies to be put I place so that only those with a true spiritual link will stand out. They are separated now as the Power pours over them and they experience miracles.

The witnesses watch in amazement as cripples rise from their chairs completely healed, broken bones knit instantly, addictions overcome in a second, and lives completely turned around. But there is a price for this and it involves complete separation from the world.

To feed one’s spiritual link it is essential to remove all the noise and make-believe that surrounds us. Music, entertainment, celebrity, worship of idols, and, of course, religions are all on the not-to-do list. Even walking past a church causes a drain of the power within me. Going into a movie cinema is beyond me and even the television has to be tuned to real life events before I can watch it.

Following my reincarnation the Spirit commissioned me to ‘tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.’ The wall was shown to me in visions as a huge barrier that has no limit and cannot be circumvented or penetrated. I saw it also as the thick black goo encasing the world when a vision lifted me above the earth and it was below me.

That goo is composed of lies, corruption, drugs, religions, and false gods. It makes up the wall that was built by the two beasts of Revelation and strengthened by the imagination. Heaven and hell are the building blocks and dreams of an after-life in paradise are the mortar holding them together.

The task seemed enormous but the Spirit took me on a huge learning curve and all the secrets, mysteries, and prophecies were revealed. The Internet was provided to spread it out to the world and this is the Mountain of God. Religions can’t survive in the face of the truth.

Source by Norma Holt