The Month of Sagittarius, 2011

The Zodiac Month Ahead: Reflecting upon IDEAS as AIDES

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies.


Sagittarius promotes the sublimation of the soul by correlating the intellect with the Spirit-mind and, through this union and transmutation, a bridge is built from the brain-bound personality, living in its physical form, to the higher spiritual being and to that spiritual realm that is the source of all ideas.

Sun enters Sagittarius 22 November

Sagittarius spiritedly takes on the element of fire and expresses itself within the task of communication upon the Zodiac Wheel. It is of no coincidence we engage now within the jollity, excess, and bounty of the holiday season. As Jupiter’s guidance over this fun-loving sign urges creative projects, social enjoyment, optimism, and the broadening of our ideals and beliefs (while those waistlines may see the very same). Within the limitless aims of those Archer arrows, no other sign brings forth the attuned alignment of body, mind, and spirit better than Sagittarius.

Mercury Retrogrades in Sagittarius 24 November

It’s time for our last period of mental reflection within 2011 as the collective is challenged to keep up with the adaptations this transit will bring in this mutable energy, coupled with the typical zaniness of the holiday season. While you can expect to wait on lines more, deal with returns, buying the wrong item, and any best laid plan to change- checking in with where The Archer expands upon your life within your Zodiac Pie will point to where some retreat time is wise to take. The collective mind will aspire to independent and versatile methods of expression, and while under Retrograde, we are all wise to avoid the reaction to argumentative and impulsive means to get any point across.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 25 November

What may bring on some ease to those seemingly crazy changes Mercury Retrograde promises to unfold- will be the initiations and positive vibes our Solar Eclipse can cast. Keep in mind, the normal rule of holding off on true new beginnings here until after Mercury goes Direct upon 13 December still stands. With this lunation, you can expect an energy that will flow from where The Archer aims in your life for a period of months ahead with the room you have been making here since the last Lunar Eclipse in this sign back on 15 June. Once the Mercury Retrograde shadow completes by the turn into our Universal New Year, these fresh starts then will find their ideal path to move in the right direction.

Venus enters Capricorn 26 November, Aquarius 20 December

Breaking off from her recent journey alongside Mercury, our planet of harmony moves forward on her own to bring her classic ease and pleasantries to where The Goat toils. The collectives’ affections while in Capricorn get serious, constant, and sincere as the love of excellence and developing self-reliance within this area of the life wish to now eliminate any unwanted restrictions. As the holiday season kicks into high-gear while visiting with The Water Bearer, our social time seeks intellectual companionship as intimacies can expect those unexpected arousals. Trying on experimental and friendly ways to bring a new sense of peace to our lives ideally allows merriment to unfold.

Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Gemini 10 December

In opposition to what space has been opening within Sagittarius, look to where The Twins bring their ever active and versatile mix within your Zodiac Pie, as this is the place to expect completions to form from the new beginnings that have emerged here since the Solar Eclipse 01 June. Now is a time for release of old worn out patterns of energy, and whatever IDEAS here are no longer your AIDES, don’t gravitate to remaining in the UNTIE, for it is the time to UNITE these observations with the fitful instinct that will be available. Again under Mercury Retrograde, we’ll truly see adaptive forces at work which will move the unnecessary out of our way.

May the Spirit of the season bring forth the genuine generosity that makes up an honest holiday, allowing you to reflect upon what your soul believes to be the ultimate truth that ever-aims within your life as you evolve.

Source by Sharita Star