The Power of Dream Translation – Understanding The Meaning of Dreams

The real importance of the meaning of dreams was discovered thanks to my work, after continuing the research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung. I could discover so much because our dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind that has a divine origin. There is another dimension in the meaning of dreams, which surpasses our material reality. There is also a spiritual truth.

I precisely obeyed the guidance of the unconscious mind. This was how I was cured from my dangerous neurosis, which had almost become schizophrenia.

My obedience to the unconscious wisdom helped me save my mental stability and then save many other people. If you follow my example, you’ll discover the unconscious wisdom like me. You will be cured from all mental illnesses or physical diseases. You will also become a true genius for developing your intelligence.

The power of your own dreams is tremendous. When you’ll understand the importance of your dreams you’ll love dream interpretation.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams you enter into contact with the saintly guidance of God, given to you through the unconscious mind. God’s existence is not a myth. The atheistic modern concepts will soon be replaced by global faith.

You must acquire consciousness by yourself, so that you may learn how to think independently of the unconscious mind. However, you are guided, and you have many clues in your dreams. This means that you don’t waste your time looking where you’ll never find answers. You know where the treasure is.

You learn how to keep your peace of mind, and never make mistakes that generate suffering. You will find true happiness in life after getting rid of your wild and absurd nature.

When I was young, I had the personality of a dictator. I was very demanding. I used to impose my will, without caring about anybody else’s feelings. I looked like my father, who was schizophrenic. My miraculous cure proves the extraordinary power of dream translation.

The unconscious mind obliged me to develop my intelligence, my memory, and all my capacities. Once I eliminated my poisonous ego, I had to use all the power of my brain in a positive way.

Follow my example, and you’ll surely become a genius. I was not better than you. It’s true that I was a very intelligent person in the past, but I became an idiot when I became an adult. I was a slave of my psychological type, and also a slave of my anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience.

Without the miraculous psychotherapy I followed by translating all my dreams according to Jung’s method, I would be a schizophrenic like my father, and suffer forever. I would also destroy many people’s lives.

The unconscious mind is a miraculous doctor. This is a very important scientific and religious discovery. It also has many social dimensions. This discovery will put an end to poverty and injustice on Earth.

Write down your dreams in a dream journal like my students do. This very simple practice will help you discover everything you need about yourself, your life, your mental state, your future, and your happiness.

In the beginning of your dream therapy you’ll have many dreams about prosecutions, difficulties, and danger. However, at a certain point, you’ll stop seeing dreams about dangerous situations. Your dreams will be beautiful and peaceful. They will help you attain special achievements, which you have never imagined that you could ever attain.

Source by Christina Sponias