The Shack by William P Young – Propaganda Reinforcing Spiritual Propaganda of the Universe

Ask yourself if a pope, Martin Luther, Calvin, any other reformed minister, theologian, or Muslim Mullah three centuries ago would agree with the major premise of this book. The answer must be a solid “NO!” This god Jehovah does not love everybody just because they are his children. Allah rejects all but those who are Muslims, now or three centuries ago. I do not love all my children just because I fathered them. They are really not much good as family, as worshipers of god or for any other purpose. I do not say that love must be earned but there must be some kind of mutual respect and fondness for the quality of love to spring forth. Oh, I would again embrace them if they would repent, but that is not likely.

It is so easy to love one’s children when they are small and can be coerced to follow your rules. Try to love them when they are young adults and insult and threaten you at every turn, or when they are blatant criminals that refuse to track to the most basic concepts of respect for others or their property. When they force themselves back into your home because they cannot hold down a job and disrupt the family routine by bringing in strangers whom they take to bed and smoke dope with; and expose the family to arrest and the house to confiscation by government.

I did allow my children to fly away from my authority and make their own way into the world. That is what the word “wean” is all about. The god introduced to us in The Shack is only the well-known god Jehovah from the Bible or Allah as introduced to humanity in the Quran. These gods will love and respect you, presumably, if you obey them. If not you are estranged from them and will not receive blessings, but curses. I have never really discovered if any of these gods truly answer prayers. I have made plenty of prayers but never saw the results, most likely because my prayers are so stupid that they really do not need answers. People do not know what to pray for, so they pray for blessings in earth. This, of course, is not possible because this universe is evil and whatever we deem good as humans is but an aberration of the concept of evil-evil redefined to appear as good by humans-evil disguised as good.

The spirit in Jesus wanted to enter into this fictional universe to reclaim what is his, all of Adam and Woman, but Jehovah only allowed him entry if he would be Jehovah’s Christ, would uphold Jehovah as the people’s god and would be willing to die on the cross if he ever preached his own message as god of paradise. Jehovah used Jesus’ death as a means to reconcile the unruly people with their god Jehovah. So doing he hid Jesus’ true message even deeper so that hardly anyone could ever retrieve Jesus’ true purpose of coming into the realm of evil. The cause of the spirit in Jesus as god in paradise of reclaiming Adam and Woman was thus completely realigned with the scheme of Jehovah to reconcile the people back into Jehovah’s graces. The people were utterly unable to distinguish between the spirit in Jesus’ true intentions and the role he had to play for Jehovah in order to be among his own and tell them the spiritual truth. Till today no one has understood Jesus’ true mission and all the people through history have embraced Jesus in the role he played rather than the true purpose for which Jesus entered into the fictional reality of the universe. The truth about reality exposes Jehovah as a liar, and Jesus Christ as a player of a role he reluctantly adopted in order to have a chance at all to commune with his Adam and Woman.

This book, The Shack by William P. Young and his collaborators is another One World Order effort to get the people of all nations together under one god and one religious viewpoint-for the sake of peace in all realms of the One World Order and, of course, to obliterate the white race from the globe through extensive interracial breeding of the white race’s genes, which, of course, is a goal of Jehovah now that the truth about Jehovah as serpent has been exposed. It is ironic that all races and species up to almost the size of bacteria are now protected from extinction by law, but the propaganda machinery is in full gear to obliterate the white race altogether. It will not exist anymore in a hundred years or so.

Let me confine my comments to the contents concerning the book, The Shack by William P. Young, to those relevant in the Bible. The Bible is a book I am very much familiar with as I have read that book innumerable times and have meditated on its contents in great detail. For instance, the fall in paradise is not a fall but a death. God in paradise (who is not Jehovah of the universe) said that if you mess with that tree in any manner at all you DIE. Death in this construction means you are no longer a part of the god in paradise. When god spoke these words he meant “I, God, cannot know you and you cannot know me because we have been separated from each other through my life and your death.” Death, caused by partaking of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, has separated Adam and Woman from the god in paradise. There is no reunion possible unless by some spiritual means we are again made to become alive in paradise. So, whoever this god Jehovah is he cannot possibly be our paternal god in paradise. So, who is this god Jehovah? The serpent kidnapped the spirits in Adam and Woman and used their spirits cells to create and enliven the fictional universe. The Serpent cannot create anything in reality but he managed to create the universe in the minds and spirits of Adam and Woman whom he abducted from paradise. As a relevant example, the founding fathers of the United States of America were extremely successful in creating in our minds the idea of the un8ted States. There is no United States. Ask any bird or deer. They have no sense of there ever having been a United States. That idea only resides in the minds of men. The continent does not know about. It is an idea that has been brought to life through extremely much propaganda brought to tiny babes through the mouths of ignorant mothers and later on ignorant daddies and even later on by deceiving teachers and politicians. It was made to be real by law and its enforcements. Allow the Chinese to overpower our established deceiving authorities and within 50 80 years no living soul in America would ever be suspicious that a United States ever had existed. Chinese have the technique of brainwashing well down pat.

The major premise of the book The Shack makes us believe that we fell away from god/Jehovah because we wanted to be independent of that God. These two did not fall away from god, Jehovah, but died from paradise to the serpent/Jehovah through the belief that their true god was a liar and deceived them concerning the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They wanted to get away from that supposed liar, their god and true father; but it is a minor thought expressed in the catastrophe that befell them. What befell them is much more than “fall”. They died away from god in paradise-unaware that paradise and its god were even real and embraced the liar as their new god and father and called him Jehovah.

It is even worse than that. Adam and Woman were deceived by the serpent’s propaganda. They believed a lie concerning their native god; and they believed that the serpent told them the truth. See, the great danger of this tree the serpent was in is that the serpent (the deceiver) was in it. It was not a native tree planted by god but a tree introduced into paradise by this serpent. God warned Adam and Woman about partaking of this tree because its owner was a deceiver and evil in nature and intent.

Physical life is the result of confusions caused by innumerable paradigms (systems of propaganda/deceit) that intertwine the people and the nations in earth into a fabric of apparent peace, war, hate, love, mine and dine that create the impression that evil is good or can be good and that the only human-known god, Jehovah/Allah, who insists on a master-slave relationship, loves those who are obedient to him. There is only one truth but innumerable lies that flow from the first lie believed. In truth only truth is possible, but fiction based on a lie is limitless in its possibilities of deceit and paradigms.

The spirit in Jesus, our true god, had created paradise and Adam and Woman from his own substance. Adam and Woman were 100% part of god in a familial union. The serpent separated Adam and Woman from there spiritual father by making them believe a lie about him. By making their father, who can only speak truth in his own realm/house, a liar in spirit they separated themselves from this god and father and from their native realm, paradise. So now, after believing a lie about god they had no place to be at all any more. This was made plain to them because they were naked (the raiment in which they were clothed that is part of paradise was withdrawn from them. They did not really want that raiment anymore because they had lost faith in the god of paradise and thus of paradise itself.

Their true god and father would love so much to be in communion with Adam and Woman again but death through believing a lie separated them from their native realm of reality. Because they are spirits and eternal and having no other place to go, they could only fall in to a state of being spiritually comatose. Their raiment, bodies still lie uselessly in paradise but their spirits are withdrawn. Their spirits, thus, are in outer darkness without any means to return home unless and until they again embrace the truthfulness of their familial father and his house.

Since the serpent has the ear of Adam and Woman, they can only follow this liar in his schemes of propaganda / deceit. A lie and schemes of lies have no true reality. Lies and the schemes built up from them are mind-conceived fictions. They have no reality in true spirit / paradise. So, comatose Adam and Woman have adopted the virtual reality thought-up by the serpent and they dream this reality in their comatose state. In this dream state they have absolutely no knowledge or link back to their true father and god in paradise.

As biological creatures consist of billions of cells, each of which has a consciousness of itself, so the cells in the spirit body of Adam and Woman (that we call souls) have been given independent life. The serpent used these cells individually in creating biological life and the paradigm of the universe in the cellular minds in Adam and Woman. The consciousness of Adam and Woman as integrated beings is thus dispersed throughout the universe, and in this fashion it can be said that we are all one-not just as humans but all biological life is one in Adam and Woman. It cannot be in any other way. This is the truth.

So the Serpent, as composer, designed the parameters and details of the universe and biological life as part of it. He taught his play, Universe, to Adam and Woman and to each and every cell/soul in Adam and Woman. The play was rehearsed in adfinitum until all knew their roles and the purpose of the play, namely, to provide an alternate place of being to paradise for Adam and Woman. When all was ready the serpent put on his conductor’s hat and called himself Jehovah. Then he rose as he made the curtains to rise on the play and we, souls, created the big bang and the universe at the downswing of the conductor’s baton and have played out the game according to the script furnished us by this serpent/Jehovah ever since. So a play that has a start must have a finish. Jesus is thus correct in saying that one day the universe will be rolled up. That day is when Jesus will gather those who have awakened from their lie-induced coma and bring them back to reality in spirit.

Therefore, paradise and the universe have no place or point in common in reality or in thought. There is a bridgeless separation between paradise and physical reality. One is real and the other is dream fantasy. The definition of evil in the Christian Bible in the N. T. is the devil disguised as an angel of light and good.

So we can now identify two sources of good and evil. In paradise we have god, Adam and Woman in paradise, their spiritual native realm, as Good and evil as the deceiver hiding in the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The other pair of good and evil familiar to us biological creatures relates to our dreamed-up existence in the universe. In this translation the reality of the universe with souls as biological representatives of us, souls, and with the serpent as god is declared good and any interference from beyond or within the universal spiritual realm is considered evil. So, any interference of god, our true father, trying to reclaim his Adam and Woman is considered by god and all of us as evil. There is another kind of evil declared by God and man; and that one constitutes attacks on Jehovah’s sovereignty as god from spiritual entities below Jehovah in the hierarchy of daemons that keep order in the universe. This daemon or attacker, we know by the name of Satan or devil. The word “satan” means adversary. This name can thus be tacked to both our true god in paradise or to the devil. These are both considered by god, Jehovah, to be satans to his reign over us souls.

The big confusion in the minds of people is thus the confusion between Good and Evil as declared in true reality, paradise, to our perceived fictional understanding of good and evil as biological creatures. And as can be seen these two forms of good and evil are antagonistic to one another in concept and in nature. The book The Shack, William P. Young is thus a piece of spiritual propaganda that again hides the goodness of the god in paradise who came to us as Jesus of Nazareth and brings this spirit of the god in paradise (our true father) again to us in our delusion as Jesus Christ. This Jesus Christ is seen as the son of god of the deceiver, the serpent, Jehovah, while in truth the spirit in Jesus, God in paradise came to us to tell us that he as our native god never lied to us but that this Jehovah, serpent told the very first lie, is thus the father of lies and thus the murderer of us all in Adam and Woman (John 8).

Source by Hans VanKrieken