The Soul’s Amalgamation With Spirit

Have you ever tried to put a genie back into a bottle? How about putting something large and unwieldy back into its package? Maybe like a tent or sleeping back into its bag? It’s sometimes difficult. But that’s what it is like for me to attempt to explain the process of transformation: the soul’s amalgamation with Spirit. The Good News is that this amalgamation is what happens naturally as our soul essence expands into the Whole of Spirit.

It all starts with the Inner Spark. This inner spark, the intelligence of awareness within is our identity. But we don’t know that at first. We come into these bodies and get conditioned by materialistic values and socialized programming. Our natural sense of essence that we are born with essentially gets stuffed into the bag of body awareness. Our true sense of Self diminishes. We buy into limitations.

Eben Alexander puts it rather succinctly. This is a quote from his book, Proof of Heaven: “We are free; but we are free beings hemmed all around by an environment conspiring to make us feel that we are not free.”

The moment we begin to point our attention within, we commence traveling on the road to Freedom. Inner awareness leads us to the Source and Substance of our BEing. We perceive our own essence. We break free of limitations. We are freed from victimhood, because within is the realm of cause.

Once within, we even escape our own minds eventually. We become aware of the Absolute. The Absolute is the Essence of Everything. It is undivided Presence. Some call this Spirit. Some call this God. Some call this love. Some see it as substance. But the seeing varies. It depends on how deep you go.

Regular practice of going within, (reflection, meditation, contemplation, concentration, etc.) increases the scope and depth of consciousness. This expands awareness. Identity shifts. Awareness of self (“self concept”) is synonymous with identity.

When an individual does not go within, they tend to identify with the body and external things. An ego is built this way. Intelligence is limited by defining, confining, and conforming. Materiality is the sole substance. Wholeness is replaced by separation and compartmentalization. It’s off track. There is no center. It’s the way of the Prodigal Child.

But once a decision is made to go within and be honest with one’s Self and feelings, awareness expands and identity shifts. The Divine Spark gets attention. The attention “fuels the fire” so to speak. Illumination begins. The Kingdom of Heaven is entered. The Kingdom of the Soul is Heaven-the infinite eternal context of Being.

The process of going in to the world of spirit and going back out into the world of form, or physicality and materiality, is like weaving a tapestry. Connection is realized. The cause and connection of thoughts and feelings and self-concept becomes known to be the source and substance of experience. Manifestation of outer experiences and the world at large empowers the awakening soul.

Who knew such potential was hidden like a treasure right within? Who knew what miracles would unfold? Who knew what level of discernment could be developed? Who knew what it would be like to activate powerful perceptions? And who knew the Absolute power of imagination without limitation?

Genius is born as this discovery takes place. It’s always been there, waiting to be discovered. The spark of genius was just waiting for the eye of attention to ignite its activation. When I was teaching, I always reminded my students that they were all geniuses. I meant it because I knew it. I’m sure those seeds that have been planted are growing now. I still send those souls my love.

Throughout this process of going within and expressing in the material world, the tapestry of life unfolds. The soul, knowing its eternal essence, expands its awareness and deepens its perception.

Resonant souls with like intentions are connected by vibration and frequency. The general population is affected by every soul that awakens to their True Identity. The True Identity is the Light of Absolute Truth: the non-dual spark of the heart. And thus, has Heart Intelligence been born in Humanity.

Peace is the result of experiencing the Essence of Presence. As one becomes this peaceful presence, the genius comes out of the bottle of the body. The whole Spirit of Humanity has evolved.

Never mind those who decide not to evolve. Their essence will dissolve it they refuse to match the vibrational frequency of the now evolved humanity. The Love Vibration is stabilizing. The contrast of the lower intelligence is becoming evident, and I have to say, somewhat amusing.

Let’s pray for all to catch up and wake up. All it takes is a commitment to Truth. All it takes is a purified, caring heart. As we radiate our essence of love, we are tuning forks to assist everyone who wishes to partake in this vibration. The invitation is extended to all. Grace, mercy, and forgiveness are part and parcel of this new vibration. All it takes is for a soul to say: “Yes!”

Inside, where the alchemy of love is taking place, each soul expands to know the context of Whole Intelligence. You may relate to it as the Holy Spirit of Truth. Light. Consciousness. Substance. Cause.

The transformation of consciousness is marked by a shift from linear living and perception to contextual, or nonlinear, living and perception. Radiance of the soul is felt as joy and genius expression. Heart intelligence is the hallmark of the new race of humanity.

Celebration is in order. However, we have work to do. We have to use our powers to clean up the past. We need to dissolve outdated institutions. We need to relieve those who abuse their power of duties when they are out of integrity. And we need to listen within to know who is appointed to take their place. We need to use our strength and stand up for what is right.

In the end, we will create a peaceful world where all prosper and express their genius. In the field of joy and love, we live, move and have our being. We are creating a new environmental context. We know that unity of purpose inspires cooperation. Diversity is accepted. Love has no bounds. It IS the intelligence of the heart. It IS the result of soul amalgamating with spirit.

We are one with the Absolute now. We know the essence of Presence. The genius is out of the body bottle, and it’s NOT going back in.

Allow. Flow. Trust, and BE. You are FREE!

Source by Michelle Marie Angel