The Spiritual Darkness of a Life Without Jesus

In the physical realm we have only two halves to the day, light and darkness, and similarly in the spiritual realm, there are only two halves, light and darkness. There are no grey areas. Nowhere in the scriptures is it suggested that there might be a third way, a middle road, called “Possibly”. With Jesus, it is impossible to half-accept him. Either you are wholeheartedly in love with Him and stand squarely in the light, or you are abandoned to the darkness.

You know where you are by two things: firstly the circumstances you are in, and secondly the way you feel in your heart. For Jesus as Lord of our lives operates in both deed and spirit. It is possible to be in what appear as dire straits but still feel the love of Jesus carrying you through. But if you are in dire straits and feel nothing but loathing and fear, you are in spiritual darkness.

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” (John12.46)
No one who believes need stay in darkness. If you had been on the Titanic and the ship was sinking, would you have stayed on the ship if a lifeboat was offered to you? So when society is dragging you down by the weight of its corruption, why not take the lifeboat that Jesus offers? Every generation has been corrupt. It was in Jesus’ day, and it is in ours. There is a spirit of greed, of gluttony and of lasciviousness that sweeps through every society. And it is a spirit which leaves you crying with frustration because, like walking around a room without a light on, it is nothing but a blind chase after shadows. Do not be like those Isaiah describes:
“He has blinded their eyes and deadened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts.”

You may think you can go it alone for a while, especially when you are young and energetic, but sooner or later, your ways catch up with you and you realise what a mess you have made of things. With Jesus shining a light to your feet, it is impossible to mess up your life. Every step takes you closer to the eternal light of the father, and joy everlasting.

Source by Milton Johanides