The Spiritual Side Of Network Marketing

If you really think about Network Marketing (I mean true Network Marketing, not all the hypy types of programs out there), you can’t help but notice it’s spiritual characteristics.

There are many parallels to the Christian Faith in true Network Marketing.

Here are a few examples:

1. If you want long term success in Network Marketing, there is no way to get around building relationships with your prospects and downline.

Those who are in ‘recruiting mode’ think only about their own interests and are not very concerned with their prospects’ needs. They are interested mainly in the money to be gained by recruiting the person, instead of being a true sponsor to him/her. If a person feels they can trust you, and that you can truly help them reach their goals, they will stick with you.

2. Network Marketing is all about leveraging your self, your time and your money.

Building a long term income requires that we teach our downline how to be successful so that they are growing and so that your business grows too. Although we cannot ‘make’ them work, we can certainly inspire them and teach them how to do network marketing.

Christianity is all about leveraging our time and resources too.

Jesus was the Master and he leveraged his time by teaching his disciples to go out and create more disciples.

Isn’t that what we’re doing in Network Marketing too?

Find a few good ‘workers’, teach them the business of recruiting and building other leaders and continue to multiply this in your business. By teaching and training your downline, you’re not doing all the work and your business grows exponentially.

We create an environment where others become teachers also, and as a consequence, our time is freed up as more and more people in our downlines take on more and more responsibilities.

Teaching requires being in tune with your downline’s needs so that you can fill in that gap. What is the main problem they are having in growing their business? Help them succeed.

Isn’t that what Jesus does with his followers? He meets his followers needs by teaching them and providing everything they need in his word (spiritual food) to live the holy life he wants them to live.

That is also what the church is for – a place to learn about God, a training place for holy living in all aspects of a person’s life and a place for encouragement and fellowship.

As a good sponsor, we should supply excellent training to help them in all facets of business building. Aside from good training, our downlines need a ‘community’ where they will receive motivation, inspiration and encouragement in their businesses – a place to be celebrated and recognized for their achievements.

This will not only help them make money, but (you got it!) will also help our business grow. The way they say, “The more I help you succeed, the more I succeed”.

3. If you truly want to grow a successful six figure income through the vehicle of Network Marketing, then you’ll definitely need some faith and patience for your journey.

Many Network Marketers fail in their home based businesses because they can’t handle the rejection that comes along with the package. When they don’t see immediate results, they hop to another opportunity or quit altogether.

Growing a successful Network Marketing business requires faith in the process, sprinkled with a lot of patience as it starts to sprout and grow.

So how does all this relate to Network Marketing having a spiritual component to it?

First, the Christian Faith is all about truly helping and serving others. It’s not about having a secret agenda that will benefit me.

Of course in Network Marketing we are working to create an income for ourselves, but we have to go about it with the right attitude and spirit. I like to call it servanthood marketing.

If we are in Network Marketing just to make money, then our attitudes and actions will reflect that in how we treat our prospects and downlines. People know when we truly care about their success.

Second, even Jesus needed help in spreading the gospel. He teamed up with twelve men and taught them everything they needed to know about effectively ‘recruiting’ others into becoming followers of Jesus.

Those twelve men went out to the world, applied the teachings of Jesus, and taught others how to be followers of Christ also. Today the Gospel is known throughout the whole world as it has spread like a virus.

Network Marketing is no different. We do not have to go out and recruit 100 people to grow a large organization. If we wisely sponsor 5 – 10 people and work closely with those, they will eventually ‘duplicate’ your teachings and your organization will start to have momentum and growth.

It’s all about creating other leaders in our organizations just as Jesus created twelve leaders and those twelve created more leaders.

Third, Jesus taught that if you had “faith as small as a mustard seed, you could move mountains”. Napoleon Hill pretty much taught the same concept. Many others also have written books on the importance of positive thinking.

It’s impossible to succeed in Network Marketing with a negative, ‘loser’ attitude. A positive attitude will motivate you and inspire you to greatness.

A negative (or loser) attitude will kill your dreams and keep you in mediocrity.

I could go on and on and on listing the many ways Network Marketing and Christianity are similar. I guess I would have to write a book on the subject huh?

The point is this: Network Marketing is not a one man show. It’s all about building long term relationships, having business integrity and treating others with the same respect you would want to receive. It’s all about self development and personal growth.

It’s impossible to grow a successful Network Marketing business without the proper mindset, self-discipline and training.

There are no plateau’s either. We are constantly being challenged to higher and higher ground!

Source by Lydia C Botello