Tramp Souls – 6 Powerful Ways to Protect Yourself From Them

Tramp souls are astral entities who remain bound to the earth owing either to a powerful attachment to something earthly or to material desires. Their sole desire is to satisfy their craving for sensual pleasures. Most tramp souls are harmless, misguided creatures who have absolutely no power to harm the living. However, there are exceptions to this rule. A tramp soul can possess the mind and body of a mentally weak person who leaves his/her mind blank for a long period of time.

Who are tramp souls?

Most tramp souls were robbers, drunkards, cheats, murderers, or criminals when they were alive on earth. They become tramp souls because they die in sin. Those who commit suicide also become tramps in the astral realms. When evil people die they do not transform into angels; they remain evil. Being evil, they cannot enter the higher realms and occupy the grossest parts of the astral realm.

Unable to let go of their lost life, they weep bitterly and can find no peace. As long as they full of sorrow because they lost their lives, they roam the astral realms unable to move on and develop spiritually. Owing to their attachment to the life they lost, they are unwilling to be reborn. They are doomed to a pitiful existence, roaming around the ether till they have worked out the karma of their past lives.

However, their personal misery doesn’t prevent them from creating mischief in the astral realms and great harm in the physical world. These tramp souls are easily attracted to living people whose karmas and negative mentalities resemble theirs, and they create unimaginable trouble for them.

How can you protect yourself from these negative entities?

Follow these simple tips, and negative entities will never bother you. They will not be able to bother you because, by following these methods, you raise your vibrations to a higher state.

1. Develop a strong will power, fine spiritual vibrations, and a mind full of powerful thoughts. Unclean spirits infest only empty minds. So never keep your mind blank for long hours.

2. Keep away from mediums of questionable character.

3. Don’t operate Ouija boards and other spirit games.

4. Practice Yoga, prayer, and meditation regularly.

5. Chanting “aum” can raise your vibrations and chase any unclean spirit away from you.

6. Take care of your health, and be strong and positive minded.

As long as you take care of yourself, you have nothing to worry about tramp souls. They simply cannot harm you in any way.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal