Value Of A Medium Reading

A medium reading has many uses above and beyond that of contacting deceased loved ones and gaining evidence of their continued existence. It also opens up the very real idea that the afterlife is a real place and one which we shall too inhabit once we leave the earthly plane following our transition or physical death.

The value of a medium reading can teach us much about who we are, where we came from and where we once again go back to once we cease our material life. It is the greatest tragedy that these basic spiritual and for one and for all principles are not taught at a basic and early schooling level. The world would be a much more compassionate and living place if the masses only knew without a doubt that this life is simply a shred in the cosmos of such minute proportions and that life is eternal and ones soul never, ever dies.

Gordon Smith summed up the whole debate nicely when he opened a recent medium demonstration to a live audience of which I was part of when he said, ‘You cant die for the life of you.’

A medium reading helps us overcome ours fears about dying and opens up a question about what fantastic things await us in the afterlife, the theory exists that that death is merely an illusion of the senses and that the soul lives on in a series of refinement.

I believe that the reality in which you will find yourself after you move through the transition called death will depend entirely on your beliefs and mind set whilst on the spiritual plane. For an enlightened person who fully realises that we have manifested on earth in a physical body, yet we originated as a spirit body or spiritual being, the move to the spirit world shall be so much easier passage wise.

Your present reality is a state of your consciousness now so why would the next phase of our existence be any different. In the spirit world it is governed by thought as there is no need for the clay known as flesh! If one wishes to reside in a castle one must use ones own imagination and build it up brick by brick.

Where the self is still identified as being the body, mind or ego, this awareness will then carry on through into future life karma with another physical embodiment. The key is to become liberated from this cycle though new opportunities and full self realisation.

The modern day use of a great medium for me is to release the fear of death for mankind, after all many believe that death signals a simple stop and that this is the end of that character, body, ego and mind, when it is most definitely not, in fact many in the spirit world refer to the physical earth as the struggle and strife of existence, therefore inferring that the spirit realms are simply fantastic and wondrous!

Source by Sarah Saxon