Walking In The Spirit Towards True Spirituality – Let Jesus Dwell Within

One step we can take to walk in the Spirit towards true spirituality is to let Jesus dwell within us.

As we grow into true spirituality for our daily walk through life, we must open the deepest levels of our very self to Jesus. It is not a superficial covering or an outward traditional expression of being religious. Christ’s indwelling Spirit must enter in us and through us resulting in a life desiring solely to do the will of God.

Jesus said in reference to us loving Him; “He who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him and show Myself to him” (John 14: 21b). Jesus is saying if we love Him, His Spirit will enter us, and His works will continue to be done through us. Jesus says that with the indwelling of His Spirit, we will do even greater works (John 14: 12).

A major part of having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus is the indwelling of His Spirit within us. Through His indwelling Spirit, Jesus wants to manifest His life fully in those who follow Him and pour out His very life through them. Jesus wants to dwell in us so we can become Christ like.

With the indwelling of Jesus’ Spirit, we become one in Him and we practice His virtues (Colossians 3: 8-15). We love like Christ. We have the compassion and joy of Christ. We forgive as Christ forgave. We have the peace of Christ. We become the image of Christ. His image is reflected in all we do.

When Jesus’ Spirit dwells within us, we grow beyond superficial childish actions and attitudes. We are no longer guilty of living life’s lies and chasing after the things of this world. No longer will we be controlled by the world’s false, deceptive illusions that teach our hearts to fear and cause us to stumble. With Jesus dwelling within us, we are led into all truth by His Spirit.

We become vessels of His Spirit, the means through which the power of Christ flows. This should not result in us being filled with pride, we should not brag or boast about it. It is the power of Jesus in us and through us, nothing of our own.

With Christ dwelling in our heart, we can walk by faith in Him daily. Walking implies action, not lying around doing nothing. It is more than just idle talk. It implies constantly moving by His power and according to His will towards righteous living. Moving in a righteousness that cannot and will not be confined.

As I become more enlightened concerning Christ, I am convinced that without His Spirit dwelling within us, we will continue to do the things of the flesh. We can go to church every Sunday and be active on every church board. But, if Christ does not dwell within our hearts, we will still follow our flesh. This is why the virtues that reflect the image of Christ are absent in so many churches today. Too many of God’s children are not allowing Christ to truly dwell in their hearts. Our actions are not reflecting Christ’s image.

This is also why many Christians continue to read the Bible over and over but fail in their attempt to be prepared for the battle when the test of life comes their way. Too many supposedly Bible reading Christians are walking in defeat. Why? God’s Word teaches about the weapons we have for spiritual victory. But many Christians are living in defeat because our weapons do not work until Christ is living inside of us.

To be all that God wants us to be and to receive all the promises and blessings He has for us, Christ must truly dwell in our hearts.

Source by Oscar Chestnut