Was It the Romans or the Spirit That Buried The Real God?

It’s a startling fact that humanity has been sucked in by the biggest fraud ever perpetrated and the culprit is God. Nothing happens in this world that is not under the control of the Spirit. It is the creator of both good and evil (Isaiah 45:4-8) and it allows, even controls and manipulates wars; poverty; disease; earthquakes; famine; floods; drought; and now the upcoming destruction of the earth.

The Motivation Behind it

There are two types of people. The first are the spiritual of God who were seeded with it at the beginning of the day of the lord, a time that has spanned almost 4,000 years. It began when Eve, the light of the Spirit, entered a group of people and they were sent out into the world to be tested and tried. Thus, she is called “the mother of all living” (Genesis 3:20).

The second lot are called the soil in which the seeded, the vineyard of God, were planted. They are not spiritual but created their own sense of it through religions. They have manufactured false gods born of the sun and they have tempted the spiritual to join them throughout the course of the day. Many have and they are now caught in a prison whose strength is fear and imagination.

The Day of the Lord

A vision of the day was given to me as a line stretched out in front. An incredibly bright light rose up from where I was standing and arched over the day to the beginning of it. There in large capital letters was EVE. In the middle was NOON and where I stood was EVENING. The light is spiritual power and it is back shining over its people. Both the beginning and the end were outstandingly bright.

The middle was crowded with people who reached up towards an image of a man on a cross and they were in almost complete darkness. That was when Jesus Christ came into the picture almost 2,000 years ago.

When another vision showed me these words in large capital letters before my face; CONSTANTINE IS 666, my research quickly unravelled the conspiracy. He established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD and he invented the so-called Saviour God as its prophet. That is confirmed in Revelation 13:13-18 where he is identified as 666.

The Conspiracy Unfolded

The power behind Constantine’s work came from the Spirit and it has grown in strength to draw in all who are not spiritual and to build the prison. He was an Islamist of the Amors who migrated from Babylon and built Roma (reverse Amor). He reinstated the sun-god, Mari, as the Mother of God, Mary. He built the first Vatican over the temple of Jupiter and erected the first Christian churches.

Through the lies and misinformation put out by the organisation and others the activities of Constantine and his church have been hidden while records were destroyed or buried. The thing that could not be hidden was language and it is by giving the interpretations of old rituals and tracing religious roots to Babylon that the Spirit has provided me with the answers. In the early 1980’s I was told to share my knowledge with the world.

The Spiritual of God

For almost 4,000 years they have been tested. Each time they were commanded to worship the false gods and to bow to idols they suffered the consequences of refusing. Each time that they discovered something in nature that opposed religious beliefs they were punished, often by death.

Dying in the Spirit was not a death but a renewal and they came back stronger than ever, as my own reincarnation shows. Six times they died and were reborn and now we are at the end and they have been judged. Those who went against the inner voice have lost their inheritance. The others who remained and suffered for their inner knowledge and spiritual awareness are those who are no ready to inherit the earth.

The Inheritance for Israel

They are called Children of Israel because the word breaks apart. ‘I-s-ra-el’ means ‘eye of light-powerful god’. They are the one who see the light and they are not hidden away anymore.

Their inheritance is eternal life on the restored earth. The adage is that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ while there is another that states ‘the truth will set you free’.

There never was a Jesus Christ and religions of all types were born of Islam and Babylon. There is no heaven or hell and devils, angels, saints and so forth are there to frighten and guard the truth from being discovered before this time.

This is explained in Genesis 3:24 whereby he drove out the man from the garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to keep the way of the tree of life. That tree comprises the spiritual children of Israel who bear the life within. ‘E-d-en’ is changed from ‘i-d-on’ and it means ‘eye feeding strength’. In other words it is the Spirit of God.

Everything was Hidden

The truth was buried by God so that only those who seek it within their heart have come to understand that religions are not spiritual, only they pretend to be. Pretence and make-believe run this world under God’s hands. Money has become more attractive than even the substances of their dreams for those who have created their own paradise.

Wealth and poverty go together and those who deprive others are the very ones who are cast aside by God. Those who have injured, murdered, tortured or condemned others are today receiving the same treatment. Those who discriminated against and hurt others are today receiving the same treatment.

There are people everywhere on the move in search of refuge and peace outside of their own countries. Overpopulation is happening because everyone who ever lived is back or has recently been alive again in their bodies for the judgment (Daniel 12:13).

While the Romans were used by God to bury the truth and hide the Spirit it was the hand of the Almighty that really did it.

Source by Norma Holt