What About Anger?

The question of anger came up often in the Edgar Cayce readings, no matter the age of the person receiving the readings. Here is a selection of these remarks:

The influences from Mars, as we find, make for one who may oft show its anger, its resentment, in associations, in those things that lie very close to the inner man. Yet there has been, through the sojourns in Venus and Jupiter, brought to the attention of the inner self that fact: He without a temper or without resentment or without care may manifest very little. And he that does not control resentment, he that does not control anger, he that does not control that urge for the egotism in self, is indeed worse than he that has none; for such may make for stumbling blocks and experiences that bring distraughtness and disturbances, not only of self as to the thoughts of self but to the fellow man.

For, as has oft been said in the experiences in the earth, unless the high ideal is set, or unless the ideal of self is set in the spiritual attributes that partake of the Creative Forces or energies that may manifest in or through men in their material activity, little of value or of worth may come – and less of growth of the soul for its return to its former state with and in the creative energies that may manifest in the spiritual, the mental or the material world. Unless the activities are founded in spirit of the Creative Forces, they must eventually come to naught. 956-1

From Mars we find a tendency for the body-mind at times to be easily aroused to anger. Anger is correct, provided it is governed. For it is as material things in the earth that are not governed. There is power even in anger. He that is angry and sinneth not controls self. He that is angry and allows such to become the expression in the belittling of self, or the self-indulgence of self in any direction, brings to self those things that partake of the spirit of that which is the product or influence of anger itself. 361-4

Train or teach thy associates not only to be worthwhile but worthwhile for something, for an ideal! Not as of country, but that just to be kind, just to be gentle, patient, long-suffering and with brotherly love is greater than they that may be able to lift many weights or to tear down many cities. For he that is able to control his oven temper, his own purpose, is greater than he that may even take seven cities. Then, let thy activities then be such that “The Law of the Lord is ever before me,” if ye would find harmony and peace in thy sojourn in the present. 1610-2

To be sure, the entity loses patience easily; but who knows it – but self? While this is well, it is also well at times to give vent to one’s feelings. As He gave, “Be angry but sin not; condemn no one; put not a curse upon any thing or body; be angry, yes, but in the Lord.” 2778-2

It is well that anger and its ability for expression be existent, but woe indeed to those who allow same to become stumbling blocks, and to cause hate, malice and injustice to be dealt in any manner to their fellow men! For, know indeed, as ye do it unto the least of thy brethren, ye do it unto thy Maker; and ye must meet thyself and that manner of soul ye present to thy Maker. For ye must – as all – stand before Him and be judged according to the measure ye have meted to thy fellow man! 2132-1

The entity is an Uranian. Thus the intuition, the entity’s ability to see those things pertaining to the humorous or ridiculous in any experience or activity. These have oft been the saving experience under trying circumstances for the entity.

Never lose thy humor, and you will not get mad as often. 3006-1

The entity becomes very sensitive at times, and at such times becomes aggravated, flies off the handle as it were, says things it doesn’t mean, but is so sincere that if it has spoken a word it will stick to it though it hurts all the while. Hardheaded, pessimistic. These are the faults. Correct these in thy associations. First have a reason for correcting them, not merely that ye may be well-spoken of, not merely that ye may get along with people, but because it is right! For remember, every virtue has its own reward – in the application of that virtue in the experience with others.

Don’t so oft act by the letting of your temper get away with you, so that you are really ashamed of yourself. And don’t become so boastful of those activities. For these are gradually building those things that may become stumbling blocks throughout the experience or sojourn.

Minimize the faults of everyone, magnify the virtues of everyone. Seek to know where ye agree with every individual or friend ye meet, what you have in common. Magnify those things that would bring you closer together, stressing those things on which you agree. Disregard those on which you disagree – not merely because you wish to be popular, but rather that through thy activities, through thy choice of associations ye may manifest the glory of the Son as He manifested the Father in the earth.

For the Master, Jesus, even the Christ, is the pattern for every man in the earth, whether he be Gentile or Jew, Parthenian or Greek. For all have the pattern, whether they call on that name or not; but there is no other name given under heaven whereby men may be saved from themselves.

And as ye find in thyself, it is only thyself from which ye are to be saved – hardheadedness and your pessimism! 3528-1

Source by K. Todeschi