What Is Kundalini?

Kundalini is an ancient esoteric concept stemming out of India. In generic terms, it is divine energy, or a divine force, that is depicted as a coiled snake positioned at the base of the spine or root chakra. Activated Kundalini energy rises up the spinal column (Kundalini Rising) and ‘activates’ all chakras in it’s path, eventually leading to Kundalini Awakening.

Chakras are energy ‘wheels’ that either spin left or spin right. There are seven main chakras that have various roles in the maintenance our health and wellness. Typically, when practicing alternative healing therapies like Reiki, the practitioner slowly clears any blockages that are sensed from the chakra centers.

Briefly, the seven chakras are:

Sahasrara / The Crown Chakra.

Ajna / The Brow Chakra.

Vishuddha / The Throat Chakra.

Anahata / The Heart Chakra.

Manipura / The Solar Plexus Chakra.

Swadhisthana / The Sacral Chakra.

Muladhara / The Root Chakra.

Chakras are always spinning, processing energy, and active. When they are ‘awakened’ by the Kundalini force, their properties surge and begin operating at elevated levels. Activating chakras can take days, months or years of practice, or can even happen spontaneously, known as Spontaneous Kundalini.

Kundalini Awakening Practice

A variety of techniques can be used to activating chakras. A tailored regime consisting of chakra cleansing, meditation, yoga practice and education will bring about awakening at the speed equal to the dedication to the process.

Maintaining the Awakened State

Maintenance? What? Isn’t enlightenment a one time deal?? Not. At. All. Just like the practice, practice, practice that brings one TO Kundalini Awakening, it takes practice practice practice to LIVE in the awakened state. Through conscious effort, one can achieve this state by just REMEMBERING the feelings, the images, the bliss that is REAL and EXISTS. The more one practices this intentional focus, the easier it becomes, leading to living the state instead of just remembering the state.

When actively passing through ones chakra system, Kundalini ‘breaks’ energy blockages to make space for it’s divine presence. This breaking down and flushing out of the old takes time and there are a number of changes that one will feel as one becomes ‘in-line’ with the Kundalini force.

Effects on the Body include:

Chills, hot flashes, extreme sweating / cold sweats, sensitivity to sound, sight, taste, touch, smells, sleep disruption, appetite loss / gain, dizziness etc.

Effects on the Mind include:

Rushing thoughts, extreme emotional unrest, ego dismantling, abstract ideas, physic abilities, confusion etc.

Effects on the Soul include:

A heightened sense of self, feelings of euphoria, highly increased creativity, divine inspiration etc.

Kundalini is quickly becoming an active phenomenon contributing vast amounts of information being made available to those searching to quell their intrinsic desire to do more and to be more. To all of my teachers and friends who contributed to my own heightened senses and enlightenment, directly or indirectly, thank you; may you be blessed with a lifetime of joy, prosperity and the ability to continue doing what you do.


Source by Ana C