What is Life Between Lives Regression?

There are those who believe that before we came into this physical body, we were part of the energy and love that exists in the spirit world. We were souls that had access to the limitless love and knowledge that’s available in that realm. But we eventually made a decision to come back into the physical world to experience and grow. But in order to experience and grow, we had to forget nearly everything that was available to us in the Spirit world. For those who believe or are open to the concept, a Life Between Lives Regression (LBL) can allow for access to that information.

An LBL, facilitated by a certified hypnotist, can allow a client to go into the super-conscious state where they are then able to access their soul’s memories. These memories can help the person discover their karmic growth patterns, and why they chose to reside in their current body.

An LBL session begins with the client regressing back to early childhood memories, as early as just a few months old. This is followed by a regression to the womb where the client can experience the feelings associated with the months prior to childbirth. This can include the earliest connection and or feelings about his or her mother.

The next step is a regression to a past life and can include awareness of the clients name, sex, age, occupation, family members, historical date, location and personality. It is not uncommon to recognize some of the important people in a past life as souls who are with us in our current lives. In many cases a past life directly relates to the current life. The challenges and patterns of a past life often have some connection or relevance to our modern day lives. Our subconscious mind and higher self guides us to visit past lives that can shed light on present day areas of opportunity. This new awareness can facilitate a release and healing of sorts.

Clients will be guided to move to the most significant events of a past life. This allows for a summary of the life including major events and challenges. This will eventually lead to the death scene and the ability to understand the true meaning of a life just led. This includes evaluating the lessons learned and the experiences that allowed for the most growth.

As the client moves into the “Spirit World” and is accessing his or her super-conscious, they begin to realize that they are spiritual/eternal beings. It is fairly common to meet the personal guide and members of the soul group. The common theme is one of complete, love, support, and compassion by the souls and guides that they meet. By and large the spirit guide has gently supported and coached the client through all the many incarnations.

The members of the soul group usually, but not always, incarnate together to assist each other by agreeing to play roles in each other’s lives on earth that will allow for the experiences and growth that is sought. They also can incarnate together to support one another. Clients sometimes find that the most challenging events and relationships allow for the greatest growth and experience. It is not uncommon to find the same souls who challenge us from lifetime to lifetime to be part of our soul group. They agree to play a part in a life so that we will experience something beneficial to our development.

Meeting a soul mate in the spirit world is a unique and deep experience. Soul mates typically incarnate together to support and love one another. They often share many lives together. There are instances, however, where the soul will be better served if the soul mate does not incarnate with them. The soul might benefit from experiencing or learning something without the assistance of a soul mate.

There is additional information that can be received, including how and why a particular life and body were chosen. Clients may learn about activities and studies in the spirit world and may visit other souls or entities that help them review lives lived and potential new incarnations.

As the client interacts and receives information from members of the soul group and the guide, they will typically begin to understand their unique talents and abilities. They begin to see the “bigger picture” and understand the lessons, themes, and challenges of their soul history. It is not uncommon for a person who takes part in a Life Between Lives Regression to experience a profound life shift.

Source by Eli Bliliuos