What is the Difference Between Motivate and Inspire?

These two words have been mentioned million of times in talks, workshop, speech, and discussion, but nobody ever asked the difference between the two. Two different words mean two different things. Let us dissect this further. Heh..Heh..Heh.

Motivating :

In dictionary, motivate means to provide with a motive, to impel. To motivate people is the same with to bribe people to do something that benefit us as well as them. You can motivate people with anything from money, lust to salvation.

Inspiring :

Inspire means to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration. Inspire people means to let people be guided by something divine or Godly spirit. It’s from latin word, spirare, which means to breath.

Now, the best thing is what will happen if we merge them together? You’ll get the best outcome ever imagined. Motivation driven by inspiration is the same like combining heaven and earth.

Reason to success

Where do you get inspiration? Inspiration comes when the divine power communicates with you. There have to be a two-way communication with the divine power. We have to trust our Divine Power whatever you want to call Him : God, Allah, Yahweh, etc. I called Him, God. The most important thing is to realize that He is important to you and you are important to Him as well.

God bless us and let us choose our own life. He did not give you life for nothing. He wants you to do something BIG. Therefore He will always be with you. If you have God with you, will you still think of failing? Not a chance. He wants to help you. Let Him help and guide you.

Source by Ricky Setyawan