Why They Cheat – Spiritual Causes of Infidelity

Infidelity – cheating on one’s partner – is attributed to countless causes. The man (or woman’s) innate sexual desire, the behavior of another partner or even our own past sexual development. However, one reason people cheat is often overlooked. This is a spiritual trouble compelling an individual to be unfaithful.

There are two major formations of spiritual reasons for infidelity. One is the case of an energetic or spiritual imbalance within a person. This can take the form of an imbalance of the chakras or aura. In a slightly related issue, it may also be a person re experiencing their own bad karma. A buildup of sudden influx of heavy, negative energy in the life of an individual may also cause them to behave in destructive fashions (such as being unfaithful).

The second is the case of an outside spiritual influence upon an individual to be unfaithful. This could be anything from a harmful spiritual entity seeking an ultimately bad outcome to a sexual spirit that places lust or desire within a person. Also included in this category would be spells and curses that don’t invoke any spirits, but are cast upon a person (such as some seduction or lust spells). Because these all involve outside spiritual influences they may be more difficult to overcome than internal imbalances such as in the first case.

Another spiritual reason that people cheat also crosses over into psychological reasons. It stems from a desire to be destructive to the self. This includes behaviors that are spiritually self-destructive, such as infidelity in the case of a loving and happy relationship (not necessarily including all relationships). Many times people act inexplicably, being unfaithful to their partners of many years despite the love and functionality that they have with their partner. Using a ritual or spiritual method to heal this self-destructive impulse is warranted in this situation.

We seek many reasons for unfaithful behaviors without looking at one of the most simple – the person has something spiritually wrong with them. However, this does not have to be the case permanently. There are countless options when it comes to healing a person’s spiritual condition and ultimately curing them of their infidelity. Elizabeth at Real Love Spells is a great resource for information and has a stop cheating spell that has become famous for its ability to change relationships. There are many other experienced and talented resources online for you as well.

Source by Jean Silver